El Sabor Latino restaurant delights the senses

A number of great dishes are available at the new El Sabor Latino restaurant located at 122 West Main, Mt. Pleasant. To place an order, call (435) 462-1396. (Photo courtesy of Gloria Albrecht)

MT. PLEASANT — Making their debut on the first weekend of February, El Sabor Latino opened at 122 West Main, Mt. Pleasant, to bring a tasty selection of Mexican favorites for diners to enjoy.

Owner Leticia Vargas works with her children, Natalie, Haydee and Mario operating the restaurant. During busy times, extended family has also helped out.

El Sabor Latino is usually open from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m., each day except Sunday. The restaurant is set up for eat in or take out, however, due to the concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic, all meals will have to be ordered for take-out until further notice by calling (435) 462-1396.

Every Friday there is a new special, and now, during Lent, Leticia has meatless specials on Fridays.

The menu includes tacos, taco salad, combo plates, tamales, quesadillas, nachos, burritos, kid’s meals, fountain drinks and specialty Mexican drinks.

Toppings and dishes may include any of the following: rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream, Pico de Gallo, chicken, beef, marinated pork, cheese and jalapenos.

Vargas was born in Michoacan, located in western Mexico. She came to the U.S. 35 years ago and now lives in Moroni. El Sabor Latino is a real family business, with friendly smiles, enticing smells and great food welcoming the hungry.