FAIRVIEW—Municipal election ballots will be sent out beginning Oct. 15. In Fairview, there are three four-year city council seats and one two-year council seat to be filled. Four candidates have filed for the four-year seats: Incumbent Robert St. Jacques, incumbent Clifford A. Wheeler, Matthew Sorensen and Brad Welch. One candidate is seeking to fill the two-year seat: Michael C. Mackay.

Robert St. Jacques

Robert St. Jacques is running for re-election to the Fairview City Council for one of the four-year seats. He has selected four items he would like to focus on for the next four years. They are water, annexation, water rates and the Fairview Museum.

Jacques says the city needs to rebuild some of the water pipeline system, recycle waste water (due to federal mandate) and access and use the water that the city has rights to. With more water, Fairview will be greener and home values will increase. He says this would also provide more potential for growth both in population and business.

In regards to annexation, Jacques says the city has already annexed the area out to and including the fairgrounds. There are a few more areas the city has plans to annex.

These annexations will increase the borders of the city and give people “on the edge” of town a chance for more community involvement and also give Fairview more insight into what goes on outside of town.

Jacques says rates, water in particular, should be based on usage. A flat rate for water unfairly impacts those who do not use very much water, especially senior citizens on a fixed income.

He also plans to continue his support for the Fairview Museum because it has brought visitors from around the world to the community. Jacques says it is a fascinating facility for a small town and he is impressed with what it has to offer.

Clifford A. Wheeler

Clifford A. Wheeler has lived in Fairview most of his life, his family roots are in Fairview, his business is in Fairview and his passion for community service was developed here.

Wheeler has served the community as a member of the Fairview Planning and Zoning Commission, on the Fairview Museum Board, the Peterson Dance Hall Restoration Committee, and as a city councilman for the last seven and-a-half years.

While serving as a councilmember, he has overseen the Pioneer Days Celebration, Fairview City Buildings and Grounds Department, the Cemetery Department, Public Safety Department, Sewer and Water Department and has served as interim Mayor as needed.

Wheeler says Fairview City is a great place to live, but the city will face some uphill battles in keeping up with current growth trends. His goal is to continue to guide the city by actively planning to develop water and sewer infrastructure.

He also will work to ensure the electric department is upgraded to keep pace with the growth to come and plans to help make sure city ordinances are relevant to today’s world.

Wheeler is seeking re-election to one of the four-year seats on the Fairview City Council. He says it has been a privilege to serve as a councilman and says his door is always open because he cares about citizen concerns for the city.

Matthew Sorensen

Matthew Sorensen is a lifelong resident of Fairview. Like many others in the town, he and his wife, KaeLyn, have a vested interest in the decisions made by the city council. He feels these decisions affect whether or not children will want to raise their own families in Fairview. That is why he is seeking to fill one of the four-year council seats.

Sorensen is a Veteran of the United States Army and currently serves the state in a law enforcement capacity. He is looking forward to the opportunity to use his knowledge, experience and common sense serving the Fairview community.

He regularly attends city council meetings and knows and understand the issues Fairview is currently facing. He says there are ongoing improvement projects with the city culinary water and sewer systems that are in the planning and engineering stages.

Sorensen is a Certified Public Manager® and has been involved with construction his whole adult life. He hopes to use his experience and be a voice for Fairview citizens when managing these projects.

He says the city could also be taking a more proactive approach on keeping up with the needs of city infrastructure. As a council member he will work with city employees and use their expertise as city needs are examined and addressed.

Sorensen notes that there are families and individuals in the community that volunteer on a regular basis and they are greatly appreciated. Volunteers and the city employees are the heart and lungs of this community.

There is so much good that comes from volunteering and the city could use more of it. Whether helping with the sports park or helping the Fairview Museum of History and Art maintain its status as a treasured destination to visit.

Working together, the council, volunteers and city employees can all help make the Pioneer Day celebration even better, the community safer and more beautiful than it already is.

Sorensen and his wife love Fairview and care about the people that live here. He looks forward to the opportunity of hearing and serving the people of Fairview.

Brad Welch

Brad Welch has had previous experience as a city councilmember in Fairview, having previously served two terms . Welch thinks the city is doing well overall, but there are a few things that should be focused on improving. He is seeking to fill one of the four-year city council seats.

He says Fairview is beginning to see increased growth again, it is important to make sure the growth is managed in a way that protects the city infrastructure, and maintains the community feel that citizens all appreciate about Fairview.

Welch believes that Fairview City’s greatest asset is the employees that dedicate their time and knowledge to the city. Unlike bigger cities, where the employees can be separated into different departments and work in their own tasks and fields, the employees of Fairview City work together on all of the city tasks and do an amazing job.

He says the city needs to ensure employees are taken care of, so the city does not train employees just to have them leave to take employment elsewhere.

During his previous terms on the city council, Welch says the city worked hard to make sure that the city had financial reserves in the event circumstances arose that needed immediate attention outside of the current budgeted general funds.

Welch would like to work with the mayor and other city council members to make sure that budgeting for both operation and capital expenses put the city in a situation where money can again be set aside for unexpected expenses that arise and are just a part of being a small city.

As previously mentioned, Welch feels Fairview City is being managed well currently, but he would like to help improve on the remaining items that could use a little attention to really set Fairview City up for many successful and prosperous years to come.

Michael C. Mackay

Michael C. Mackay is seeking to fill the one two-year city council seat. He was born and raised in Provo, but explains that his great-great grandfather was one of the first settlers of Sanpete Valley. And his grandfather grew up in Fairview.

When Mackay was young, his family would come down to Fairview for a few weeks in the summer and stay in the old adobe house and spend some time up on the mountain.

Later on, with his wife and children, the Mackay family moved to southern California and lived there for 40 years. When considering retirement, the Mackays’ moved to Fairview just over five years ago. His parents had been living in Fairview since the 1980s.

Mackay recently retired after 50 years in the printing industry. He is looking forward to working for all the Fairview residents thru the city council. He believes that everyone needs to be involved with the community in any way they can.

He wants to help Fairview be fiscally sound with controlled growth for the future. It is his belief that Fairview can keep the small town feel while moving forward to make this a better community for citizen’s children to raise their families.