SPRING CITY—Ballots for the General Municipal Elections are set to be delivered to all registered voters beginning Oct. 15. Voters in Spring City will be voting to select three city councilmembers and a new mayor.

The three candidates who have filed to fill the three vacant council seats are: Incumbent Craig D. Clark, incumbent Cody Harmer and Joe L. McGriff. Two candidates have filed for the mayor’s seat: Cami Hathaway and Cynthia A. DeGrey.

Cami Hathaway

Cami (Christensen) Hathaway is seeking to fill the vacant Spring City mayor’s seat. She says she fell in love with Spring City 27 years ago, planted roots here and plans on staying. She is married to her best friend, Rick Hathaway, and together the couple have eight children and 13 grandchildren.

Hathaway serves in North Sanpete School District working with youth at the high school teaching special education and EMR/EMT classes. She says she enjoys the energy of the youth and encourages them to get involved with their communities to keep them busy with productive activities.

She also volunteers in the Spring City Fire Department and is an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician.

Hathaway feels that God, family and government are the beliefs she protects the most. Spring City is important to her and she wants to ensure that the city’s citizens can continue living in a place that stays safe and that properties are maintained and protected.

She says that it is important as a city to keep up good education, maintain strong infrastructure of homes and plan for water in the future. Communication is vital in keeping Spring City a tight-knit community.

Hathaway says that to live in such a unique, artistic and talented community, there is a need to make sure to use resources that are within the city. The city ordinances need to be effective, current and enforceable for the protection and preservation of neighborhoods and Spring City’s unique status as a historical town.

Cynthia A. DeGrey

Cynthia Allred DeGrey says she is excited to run as a candidate for the office of mayor. She is a Spring City native and says living here has given her many opportunities to serve and participate in city government.

DeGrey served as a member of the Spring City Council in 1980 and again in 1998. She also served a term on the Planning and Zoning Commission, and most recently as the city’s sports and recreation director. She has also enjoyed chairing multiple Spring City Pioneer Day celebrations, Christmas celebrations and Miss Spring City pageants.

DeGrey comes from a long line of public servants. Her great-grandfather, James Anderson Allred, was the first mayor of Spring City. Many other family members have served as mayor and council members over the years.

She has been married to Paul DeGrey for 10 years. Paul has five married children and so this marriage made her an instant grandmother to 13 grandchildren and four more have been added since their marriage. She says there isn’t anything more rewarding than being a grandma.

In 2016, DeGrey retired from Central Utah Counseling Center after 39 years of employment as an Executive Assistant. Her job duties included team supervisor, human resource officer, and budget/payroll responsibilities.

According to DeGrey, she also worked with federal and state auditors and worked closely with the governing board which was made up of county commissioners from the six counties served by the agency.

DeGrey feels the mayor’s primary role is to provide leadership to the council and city employees. She says he has had successful leadership responsibilities in both her professional and personal life.

Fiscal responsibility is DeGrey’s primary goal and says the city budget will be reviewed monthly as a council to make sure revenues and expenses are staying within budget since the city has limited opportunities to generate revenue.

She also says public safety is a high priority. DeGrey pledges to work closely with both law enforcement and the fire department to ensure citizens receive the best protection possible.

Farming and agriculture have been the main stay of the community since 1852, she says, and there are still have a few multi-generational farm families in the community. It’s important that people continue to recognize and support these occupations.

DeGrey has served as a board member for the Friends of Historic Spring City for over 10 years and wants to see the city zoning ordinances enhance and support the national historic designation. She is also supportive of Spring City Arts and would like to see the city provide more support and encouragement to the arts community.

She feels grateful to the military veterans and wants to work closely with both the VFW and American Legion in providing an American Flag display at the city cemetery for Memorial Day weekend and Veterans Day.

DeGrey would like to organize volunteer groups to oversee city celebrations as well as beautification efforts in Spring City.

If elected mayor, she plans to be available at city hall once or twice per week and encourages residents and city employees to stop by to visit, share their concerns or suggestions on how working together the community can be a better place to live.