PRICE — The Manti-La Sal National Forest is expanding its search for members to serve on the Manti-La Sal Resource Advisory committee (RAC).

The committee reviews grant proposals submitted by local governments, Forest Service program managers, and non-governmental organizations seeking to fund projects that would benefit the Forest and communities. It then recommends projects for funding to the Forest Supervisor.

Those interested in applying can either download an application from or call the Manti-La Sal National Forest at 435-636-3525 to request a form to be mailed or emailed to them.

Former members of the Manti-La Sal RAC worked together over the past decade to recommend project funding totaling $1,840,492. The money has been spent for projects in San Juan, Sanpete, and Emery counties, which contribute to the Secure Rural Schools Fund. Past projects include hazard fuels projects, roads and trails improvements, erosion control, youth employment, picnic tables, and interpretive panels.

Volunteering as a member of the RAC is an opportunity to learn more about the forest and nearby communities while helping provide funding for projects important to those communities.

As members’ terms have expired, several new members are needed to achieve a quorum, so the committee can continue its work. The forest must nominate members to the Secretary of Agriculture, who makes the appointments to the committee. To be considered, potential members must fill out an application to the Forest Service.

Vacancies include people who represent energy and mineral development; non-timber forest products, Federal grazing, or other land-use permit holders; nationally recognized environmental organizations; regionally or locally recognized environmental organizations; archeology and history; nationally recognized wildlife or hunting organizations or watershed associations; people holding state elective offices; county or local elective office; people representing American Indian tribes, local school officials or teachers, and a representative of the public at large. The committee also requires two replacement members.