Gunnison council seats to be selected

Stella S. Hill

GUNNISON—Ballots for the upcoming Municipal Elections will be sent to all registered voters beginning Oct. 15. In Gunnison, three four-year city council seats need to be filled. Six candidates have filed to fill the three seats.

The six candidates are: Incumbent Blake Donaldson, Brian Sorenson, Justen K. Mellor, Scott W. Reid, Stella S. Hill and Rodney L. Taylor.

Scott Reid

Scott Reid is seeking to fill one of the city council seats. Reid has lived in the Gunnison Valley for 43 years and has owned his own business for 25 years.

Reid says he loves the community, which is why he is seeking to serve on the city council. He would like to ensure the communities voice is heard and is in favor of responsible government spending.

Stella Hill

Stella Hill is seeking to serve on the Gunnison City Council. Hill and her husband, Dennis, moved to the valley nearly 40 years ago to raise their children near his parents, Forrest and Lucele Hill. In 1992, Stella started teaching English to seventh grade students and continued as a teacher for 25 years.

Stella Hill has served on the Library Board and the Planning and Zoning Committee for many years. Currently she has enjoyed working on the beautification committee tending flowers on Main Street.

Hill notes that there are a few issues she hopes to help Gunnison City accomplish if she is elected. She notes three issues: sidewalks, road paving and the city pool.

She says that after a timeworn house was demolished to allow her son, Ben, and his wife Megan, build a new home for their family all that was left was a cracked, uneven sidewalk with the date 9-25-22 etched on it.

When the date was first uncovered, Hill was quite amazed to think that the city had enough funds in 1922 to build a network of sidewalks. She notes the current council is working on an updated sidewalk project.

Secondly, Hill says current city ordinance mandates where roads have to be paved and points out that a young couple wanting to build a new home on a dirt road may have to come up with the money to pave it. She would like to revisit this code and see if changes can be made to encourage more building in the city.

Last of all, she says the Gunnison City Pool is a destination for everyone on a hot summer afternoon. There have been improvements made in recent years to improve the total environment to help make it a place where children and families can have a safe place to spend a summer afternoon.

In July, Hill spent an enjoyable afternoon with her grandchildren jumping, diving and splashing in the pool. She would be in favor of continuing the projects to encourage more people to utilize the pool.

She is excited for the chance to serve on the city council to help continue with current plans for a safer city with easier access to popular sites. Hill loves being retired and spending time with her children and grandchildren, but says she will be a hardworking, active, concerned council member if elected.