MANTI — A free showing of LaVoy: Dead Man Talking will be held at 7 p.m., Friday, Aug. 9, at the Manti City Building, 50 South Main Street, in the Eva Beal Auditorium.

The film is said to be something that every American who cherishes the Constitution should see.

On Jan. 26, 2016, while traveling to a town hall meeting where some 300 residents had gathered to hear a presentation on Constitutional Rights, Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum was shot by state and federal authorities. This unjust action was taken near the end of a three-week peaceful occupation of a federal wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon, according to the press release.

Witnesses reported that LaVoy was doing nothing that merited deadly force or even arrest. Other passengers in the truck observed that he was unarmed and not threatening authorities in any way.

LaVoy Finicum subsequently bled to death from at least three bullet wounds to his torso. His truck and the four passengers inside endured a hail of hundreds of bullets from high powered rifles, blowing out windows and spraying the vehicle.

Following this unwarranted use of deadly force, the passengers were subjected to multiple concussion grenades and tear gas bombs detonated around the vehicle. Those inside all agree that nothing short of “a miracle from God” preserved their lives.

It was noted that one of the last things LaVoy Finicum said prior to his death underscored his patriotism and love of country. “Honestly, there are things more important than life-and freedom is one of them.”

All of the individuals arrested and imprisoned for exercising their Constitutional rights to protest during that time have been exonerated in our country’s legal system, being found innocent in court cases in both Oregon and Nevada.

Salt Lake businessman, Boyd J. Tuttle noted that a reckoning in LaVoy’s case will come at some point in the future. “Whether in this life or the next, we can rest assured that those responsible for the senseless killing of a great man, father, husband, son and patriot will answer to a higher authority for their heavy-handed and unjustified actions.”

Guest commentary will be provided during the evening by Mark Herr, president of the National Center for Self Governance, and Jeanette Finicum, LaVoy’s widow.

Anyone among “we the people” who cherishes the rights and liberties established in the U.S. Constitution needs to see this presentation. It is the only showing scheduled in south central Utah.