MANTI — Miss Sanpete County’s Outstanding Teen pageant will be held at 7 p.m., Friday, July 28, at Manti High School, 100 West 500 North. Tickets will be available at the door.

Miss Sanpete County’s Outstanding Teen (MSOT) program is the little sister to the Miss Sanpete County scholarship program. It has grown over the years and is an opportunity for girls ages 13-16 to showcase themselves and learn new ways to speak, develop talents and grow.

The MSOT program is an extension of the Miss America program and at state and national levels it leads to scholarships and more awesome ways to serve in the community, especially locally.

During the pageant a new royalty will be chosen from the six young ladies in the competition. All six have worked hard to challenge themselves in the areas of interview, talent, fitness wear and grace within the evening wear portion of the competition and on stage question.

Each young contestant has also been developing a platform or service project to implement during their year of service as outstanding teen if they are chosen. The new royalty is also a large part of the county fair events and will be seen in parades, other service capacities and celebrations throughout the county.

The outgoing queen, Libby Simons, has done a tremendous job representing Sanpete County while working hard and serving in the communities. Simon’s platform of S.M.I.L.E (Shine, Motivate, Inspire, Lead, and Excel) has been used to inspire leadership, especially in the schools in and outside of the county. It has also been used while serving the elderly, during community clean-up projects, and many more.

Libby Simons is the daughter of David and Allison Simons, Manti. Her first attendant for the past year has been McKenna Taylor, Gunnison, the daughter of Jeremy and Marlo Taylor. Second attendant has been Mashaylie Burnside, Mt. Pleasant, daughter of Preston and Natalie Burnside.

This year’s contestants are Mashaylie Burnside, Keyera Braithwaite, Samantha Everitt, Adyson Keisel, Nikki Evans and Anna Johnson. All six contestants are busy preparing, working and practicing to entertain and compete.

Mashaylie Burnside

Mashaylie Burnside, daughter of Preston and Natalie Burnside, Mt. Pleasant; will perform a Dance/Tumbling Hip Hop Solo “The Dark Horse” and her platform is Age Affects the Body Not the Soul.

Mashaylie’s platform of service focuses upon remembering and honoring elders, respect along with an “adopt a grandparent” program and other activities to engage youth with their elders.

Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson, daughter of Clifford Johnson and Madeline Johnson, Ephraim; will perform a violin solo of traditional folk music “Conlon’s and Cooley’s Reel” and her platform is Music Improves Lives.

Anna’s service platform will focus upon music and its ability to improve local music groups, increase involvement in Sanpete County’s music programs, and increase attendance to local concerts. Music improves lives is something she lives by and has devoted much of her time to promote. Anna wants to inspire and encourage all of the impactful ways music can improve mood and focus, along with being a healthy coping mechanism for stress or other frustrations, along with increasing knowledge awareness and availability.

Keyera Braithwaite Keyera Braithwaite, daughter of Brian and Misty Braithwaite, Manti; will perform a contemporary dance entitled, “River” and her platform is S.O.S.

Keyera’s platform focus is to raise awareness, educate about effects and offer support within and around emotional abuse. Teaming up with Sanpete County’s Child Abuse Prevention Team to build safe places to seek help, gain support and to help others.

Nikki Evans

Nikki Evans, daughter of Robert and Tiffany Evans, Manti; will perform a jazz dance “Rule the World” and her platform is Fit with Flare.

Nikki’s platform of service will be to educate and bring awareness to healthy fun options. To be fit and choose nutritional food to gain perspective into being healthy, and educated about food and fitness options, awareness of what we eat and how we move and encourage fitness with flare.

Samantha Everitt

Samantha Everitt, daughter of Deric and Muria Everitt, Ephraim; will present a “Photography Slideshow” and her platform is Reading Matters.

Samantha’s service platform will be focused on helping share, implement and promote reading programs already in place, to provide resources for reading, along with the positive healthy aspects of stretching the mind through reading.

Adyson Keisel

Adyson Keisel, daughter of Bryan and Breanne Keisel, Manti; will perform a piano solo “L’ Orage (The Storm)” and her platform is Only One You.

Adyson’s platform of service will focus upon building healthy self confidence in being true to who we are, celebrating individuality and finding happiness from within and self-esteem based on lessons learned from being who we are and encouraging that in self and in others.

More information

For more information about the outstanding teen pageant visit the Facebook page, Miss Sanpete County’s Outstanding Teen or email or calling Emily Cox (435) 851-0316 or Anne Fonville (801) 362-1038. Sign-ups are always in mid-June.