MP council hears lighting update, reports

Russell G. Keisel

MT. PLEASANT—During the regular scheduled Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting held March 10, the council discussed meeting times, downtown lighting, UAMPS rebate program, spring clean-up, water and fire department equipment.

Meeting times

The meeting time of the second council meeting each month has been changed to 6:30 p.m. and will include public participation now. Previously the meeting was held in the afternoon at 4:30 p.m. and did not include public participation.

With this meeting time change, Mt. Pleasant City Council meetings will be held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m., unless otherwise announced.

Downtown lighting

Mt. Pleasant Power Department Superintendent Shane Ward reported on the downtown lighting project. He explained that he and crew took down one of the old current light poles to determine what would be involved in the pole and fixture replacement project.

With that information and following discussions with the contractor who is scheduled to do the replacements, adjustments to the contract have been made.

Ward announced that Mt. Pleasant City power department employees will remove the poles after their regular working hours and will be paid for that labor by the contractor.

They will become temporary laborers for the contractor and should be covered by the contractor’s insurance. The plan is to remove the lights on one half of the street at a time. With the construction project, a traffic control plan will need to be done.

One of the benefits of using the city employees for removing the light poles will be a slight decrease in the expense of the project, because the contractor will not have to hire new, possibly inexperienced, workers to do the work.

Ward also announced that when ordering the equipment and parts to do the upgraded lighting, the parts supplier agreed to provide 50 of the Ubicell Nodes at no cost and included an extension of the warranty from five to 10 years.

The supplier included the nodes at no cost because they would like to use Mt. Pleasant’s downtown lighting as a showcase or example of the lighting that could be done in other towns with all the nice options.

The Ubicell Nodes are a smart light control sensor that interacts with cell towers and reports usage, problems and other information. With the smart sensor, the light levels can be raised or lowered as needed from a computer.

The fact that the nodes will be included at no cost is significant because Ward was originally told that the smart light control sensor could be added for about $200 per pole, or about $10,000 additional cost. This addition at no cost will save the city that money.

UAMPS rebates

A representative of UAMPS made a presentation to the council explaining the energy efficiency program that is available for use by all Mt. Pleasant Power residential customers.

The program is an effort to save power by encouraging residents to upgrade their electric appliances to newer more efficient devices. The program is only for appliance replacements and cannot be used for new construction, as in building a new home and buying new appliances to put in it.

For example, residents interested in replacing an old fridge, freezer, electric stove or numerous other items, including heating and cooling equipment, may find a rebate is available to help pay for the new equipment.

UAMPS will provide all the rebate information to Mt. Pleasant City to share with their power department customers.

Mayor pro tempore

In the event Mt. Pleasant Mayor Michael Olsen is out of town or unavailable, a mayor pro tempore (pro tem) needs to be selected to fill in during his absence. After some discussion, Councilman Russell G. Keisel was selected and approved to serve as mayor pro tem in the absence of the actual mayor.

Spring clean-up

It is that time of year when outdoor yard work and clean-up is being considered. Mt. Pleasant City would like all of its citizens to help, along with their neighborhoods and churches to take pride in their areas of town.

It is hoped that the clean-up can be completed before the May 23-25 Memorial Day weekend. The council discussed at length the various options and ways to handle the garbage during a city clean-up project, including the Just Serve program.

The council determined that perhaps the city could focus on two weekends, April 24-25 and May 1-2, as dates for the project. The council will also contact North Sanpete Disposal to determine what equipment would be available at that time.

In the meantime, Mt. Pleasant City residents are encouraged to prepare and start the annual clean-up and haul their own waste to the county dump. The city will be announcing their plan in the near future, so watch for that plan.

Council reports

Kevin Stallings reported he would be meeting with Colleen Oltrogge to discuss city events and management of the city royalty. He discussed the flowers for hanging on downtown streetlights and flowers around the city entrance signs. It has been suggested that the city consider dry scape plantings around the entrance signs.

Rondy Black reported that the road information in the city newsletter has been great. He told the council that the road department is preparing to do road test sections for the possible future paving project.

Sam Draper is working on a grant to fund self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) equipment for the fire department. The city SCBA equipment no longer meets required standards. To replace the existing 18 SCBA packs has an estimated cost of $151,238.65. He is also working on an emergency check list.

Mayor Olsen reported on the water project and told the council that the city will not be allowed to store as much water as was hoped. Due to the Cox Decree, the reservoir will have to be downsized from 1,050 acre feet to 750 acre ft.

Lastly, it appears that the drag race group that has requested approval from the city council to use the old airport runway and has previously used the old runway for races has received permission from most of the businesses that would be affected by its use.

Based on that, the council has given conditional permission to use the runway one last time this year on Saturday, June 6. It was reported that a mostly unused county road has been identified as a possible race location in the future.