MT. PLEASANT—All registered voters can expect to receive ballots for the Municipal Election after delivery begins Oct. 15. In Mt. Pleasant, there are three four-year city council seats to be filled along with the two-year office of mayor.

The six candidates who have filed to fill the council seats are: Incumbent Keith Collier, Stan Farnsworth, Cathy Ostler, Rondy G. Black, Sam Draper and Russell G. “Bull” Keisel.

Three candidates are seeking to fill the mayor seat: Dan H. Anderson, David Brown and write-in candidate Michael Olsen.

Rondy Black

Rondy Black is seeking to fill one of the vacant city council seats. He has been a lifelong resident of north Sanpete County and has called Mt. Pleasant his home since 1998. He married Heather Tolman in 2008, and together the couple are raising four children, with one off to college.

Black has a blue collar background and has developed a strong, honest work ethic. He has worked in all phases of residential construction, road construction, drainage, utilities and is currently employed at Canyon Fuel Co., Skyline Mine, as an Underground Fireboss.

Black is proud to call Mt. Pleasant home. However, he believes the city has room for improvement. Infrastructure is a top priority that needs to be updated to meet the current demand and prepare for future growth.

He says the roads have become a hazard and require urgent action along with the irrigation system which is outdated and needs to be upgraded to include more water storage and careful management.

He also has a strong desire for growth to be planned carefully, including enforcement of existing city ordinances before creating new ones. Black will promote a strong police department to continue to keep the city safe. He feels the city could be doing better and would like to bring a new approach to serving Mt. Pleasant.

Dan H. Anderson

Dan Anderson served as Mt. Pleasant City power superintendent for 28 years and later as a city councilman. While serving as a councilman, he was appointed by the council to fill the remainder of Mayor Sandra Bigler’s term when she resigned.

Anderson is now seeking to fill the Mt. Pleasant mayor seat. He says that during his 32 years of service to Mt. Pleasant City he has had an open door policy. In the city electrical department he and the employees worked as a team to provide the citizens with outstanding electrical service. He says he has carried this policy forward while serving as the appointed mayor.

Anderson says the city employees communicate with him openly and honestly. They know he trusts them to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. He has high expectations for all of them and says the constant goal is to unite and to heal where there have been misunderstandings.

He plans to continue to use his engineering and accounting education and experience on a daily basis to make sure that taxpayer money is used wisely. He says he is responsible and responsive and strives daily to do both.

Anderson says the city is currently developing a 10-year general plan for the time-frame of 2020-30. He says it will be an era of challenges from growth to job creation.

Currently Anderson is helping to develop two more phases in the industrial park to provide more jobs and increase the city tax base. He says the city is working with over $18 million in grants for irrigation projects and road improvements.

Anderson is implementing existing building ordinances in accordance with the city code. He says businesses and individuals can be assured that plans will go through the planning commission and building permit process.

David Brown

David Brown is seeking to fill the mayor seat in Mt. Pleasant City. Brown is married and has lived in Mt. Pleasant for the past seven years. He is a college graduate from the Utah Valley University paralegal program and has over 156 credit hours from Southern Utah University in business and criminal justice.

According to Brown, he is currently enrolled at Grand Canyon University in a Master’s degree program on city management, homeland security and emergency management. He feels that being able to prepare Mt. Pleasant City for any emergency is an area of concern for all the citizens.

Brown’s information indicates that he worked as a paralegal investigator for the Attorney General Robert Hansen, Robert DeBry, and Kane County Attorney Jim Sacarth. He was featured on ABC’s 20/20 with Jon Stossel, discussing “do it yourself” legal forms for Utah and California.

Brown is also a disabled Vietnam Veteran with the 82nd Airborne, was in the Watts Riots and Dominican Republic Riots and flew with Air America along the Ho Chi Minh trail from Udorn Thailand.

He has written two books, “Are You Ready” about family preparedness and “How God Made America Free”.

He says he has volunteered with the Red Cross, with deployments to Huston, TX; and the Baton Rouge floods. He has seen the effects of disasters up close and wants to make sure Mt. Pleasant is fully prepared during any emergency.

Brown says he has taught classes on the constitution and the proper role of government and is well-read on the founding fathers’ constitutional ideas and history of America.

According to Brown, this current election is important because he says one of the main issues is whether Mt. Pleasant City will hire a city manager and pay him $150,000 per year or not.

Brown says that if he is elected, the city will not go down that road. He says the mayor is supposed to step up and be the city manager and executive officer and accept the pay of $250 per month.

Brown says his priority as mayor will be for more accountability, transparency and a balanced budget along with fixing the roads and finding out where the water has gone.

Michael Olsen

Michael Olsen is seeking the office of mayor for Mt. Pleasant City. Olsen is a write-in candidate for the office. To vote for him, voters will have to write-in his name on the ballot. Olsen says his passion to serve others and his community are the driving factors in the decision to run for mayor.

Olsen has been the maintenance coordinator at Intermountain Sanpete Valley Hospital for over 18 years. He is also a contractor, real estate investor and a farmer.

Olsen was born in and has lived in Mt. Pleasant his whole life. He married Margo Anderson of Fairview, and from this marriage the couple have five children and five grandchildren.

He has consistently been labeled as a workaholic and a simple, down to earth person. He is known by many for his countless hours of service. He has watched the town of Mt. Pleasant grow for over 50 years and would like to assist the people of the community in creating the single best place to live in Utah.

Olsen pledges that if he is elected as Mt. Pleasant’s mayor, he will have open communication between the city and its citizens. This would allow the public to make informed decisions on what needs to be addressed and what can be afforded within the city.

Olsen says he would be transparent in where the city’s money is spent. He would inform community members of current hardships within the city so they have the knowledge and willingness to help the city council make decisions about infrastructure, facilities, public service and overall quality of life within the community.