Romantic suspense novel released by Clark

Steven J. Clark’s fourth novel, Ransomed Hearts, is now available.

CHESTER — Well-known Sanpete County author, Steven J. Clark, recently released his fourth novel, entitled Ransomed Hearts. This new novel represents his first venture into the contemporary romance — romantic suspense genres.

The story is centered in southwest Colorado, in and around the town of Ridgway. Clark weaves the tale of Carrie Bringhurst, a thirty-two-year-old widowed mother of two who has lost everything and has moved back to her father’s ranch, the place where she grew up, to get back on her feet.

Driving home late one afternoon, Carrie is the soul witness to a horrific motorcycle crash. Little does she know that rushing to the biker’s aid will reconnect her to the most painful parts of her past and forever alter whatever future she thought she might have.

The victim turns out to be Ransom Connor, the man she once thought she would spend her life with, but whom she assumed was dead years ago. Ransom reveals that great danger trails behind him that could engulf Carrie’s entire family if she allows herself to get involved again.

Ransomed Hearts is dedicated to single mothers. Clark’s previous books have all been mystery/thrillers. His first, All the Pretty Dresses, is a mystery/thriller that takes place in West Virginia.

The main character is Cass Rosier, the first-ever female sheriff of Nicholas County, who finds herself caught up in a series of murders in which the victims are all found elegantly dressed in scarlet evening gowns.

His second and third novels are a two-book series taking place on the Navajo Reservation in the Four-Corners area. Wages of Greed tells of an evil Oil Barron trying to cheat Navajos in the Shiprock area out of royalties on gas wells.

Fountains of Fire is a story of nuclear eco-terrorism that takes place mostly in southern Utah in and around Blanding, and ends in a climactic chase scene on the waters of Lake Powell.

Ransomed Hearts is published by New Horizons Press/Publishers, LLC. The novel is penned under the name S.J. Clark. All of Mr. Clark’s books are available exclusively on Amazon in both eBook and print versions. Sample chapters of the novels are available on Amazon and online at