Sanpete County citizens file for political office

Several citizens have filed to fill open seats in all of the towns in Sanpete County. Some positions will require participation in a Primary Election on Tuesday, Aug. 13. Those who did not get on the candidate lists can still seek office as a write-in by filing by Sept. 3. The General Election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 5.

SANPETE COUNTY — Citizens in cities and towns throughout Sanpete County have filed for candidacy for political office. Primary Elections have been scheduled Tuesday, Aug. 13, and will take place for some of the open seats. Anyone who wants to file as a write-in candidate must do so by Sept. 3. The General Election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Spring City

Two candidates have filed seeking to fill the remaining two-year seat of Mayor Monnett, who has resigned. Those filing are Cynthia DeGrey and Cami Hathaway.

Spring City candidates seeking to retain their three four-year city council seats are, incumbents Craig Clark, Joe McGriff and Cody Dean Harmer.


Centerfield candidates for the three open four-year council seats are Kimberly E. Beck, Jon Hansen, Jerry Trafny, Jaden Sorenson, Jackie Pay Huff, Christi B. Garff and Jonah Christensen. A Primary Election is currently scheduled in Centerfield.


There are three, four-year council seats open in Ephraim. Incumbents John G. Scott and Richard P. Wheeler are seeking to retain their council seats while Ted Meikle and Kimberlee Jacobson have also filed to fill the open council seats. There will not be a Primary Election in Ephraim.


Fairview has three, four-year city council seats open. Those filing to fill those three seats are Clifford A. Wheeler, Robert St. Jaques, Matthew Sorensen and Brad Welch. One two-year council seat is open and Michael C. MacKay is seeking to fill that seat.

Fountain Green

In Fountain Green, there are three four-year council seats open. Candidates are D. Brian Casselman, DeWayne E. Omer, Stuart A. Smith, Stuart Hansen, Shelith E. Jacobson, Jerime Ivory and Julio Tapia. The Primary Election date is Aug. 13.


In Fayette, John D. Bown, Joan Spainhower and Kelly Sue Mellor have filed to fill open four-year council seats and Jed Bartholomew has filed seeking the office of mayor.


Gunnison has three four-year council seats open and 11 candidates have filed for the seats. The candidates are incumbent Blake Donaldson, Brian Sorensen, Shawn Crane, Rodney L. Taylor, Stella S. Hill, Justen K. Mellor, Scott Andersen, Michelle Christenson, Ron Gale Christenson, Scott Hal Pickett and Scott W. Reid. A Primary Election will be held Tuesday, Aug. 13, to determine which candidates will be on the General Election ballot Nov. 5.


In Manti, incumbents Darren R. Dyreng, Jason Vernon and Gary E. Chidester along with two new candidates Lind B. Christiansen and Donna Birk have filed to seek the three open four-year council seats.


Two four-year city council seats are open. Incumbent Aaron Peterson and Jake Dyreng have filed for the positions.


Jenifer Lamb, Bevan Wulfenstein, Jared Howells and D. Craig Draper have filed to fill four-year city council seats in Moroni. Troy Prestwich has filed to fill a two-year city council seat.


In Wales, two four-year council seats are open. Joshua Pecora has filed to seek a seat and currently there is one write-in candidate, Nathan Mitchell.

Mt. Pleasant

Dan H. Anderson and David Brown have filed seeking to fill the open two-year mayor office. There will not be a Primary Election for the mayor seat.

Keith Collier, Cathy Ostler, Rondy G. Black, Randy Wootton, Russell G. “Bull” Keisel and Sam Draper are vying for three four-year city council seats in Mt. Pleasant. There will be a Primary Election held Aug. 13.


In Sterling, Justin Alder and Kendal Vorhees have filed to fill open four-year council seats and incumbent Yvonne Larsen is seeking re-election to the two-year council seat.

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