FOUNTAIN GREEN—It’s time to watch for Municipal Election ballots which will be delivered to registered voters beginning Oct. 15. In Fountain Green there are three four-year council seats up for grabs and six candidates have filed for the positions.

The six candidates on voter ballots are: Incumbent Jerime Ivory, DeWayne E. Omer, Stuart A. Smith, Stuart Hansen, Shelith E. Jacobson and Julio Tapia.

Jerime Ivory

Jerime Ivory has lived in Fountain Green for most of his life. Ivory and his wife, Abby, have raised five children. He loves the small town feel and character that citizens have enjoyed.

Ivory has served two terms as a city councilman and says he would love to serve again. He has been active in the Fountain Green Fire Department, Lions Club, Lamb Day Committee, North Sanpete Ambulance Board and has served in various church callings.

He wants to help the city to wisely plan for the inevitable future changes that will be faced, working to ensure Fountain Green’s infrastructure can handle sustainable growth.

Ivory has pledged that with his re-election, he will strive to do what is best for the city and its citizens, take the responsibility seriously and will continue to serve diligently.

DeWayne Omer

DeWayne Omer says he is a devoted husband and father. With four sons, a daughter and 11 grandchildren, Omer says his family is important. Fountain Green has been his home for 20 years. For many years he has observed the service of others that have made Fountain Green an excellent place to live and raise a family.

Omer has enjoyed the opportunities of serving for many years in the Boy Scouts of America, on the Lamb Day Committee and in various church leadership positions.

He believes that Fountain Green can provide a great place for residents to live and would like to better serve the community. He has worked to study and be mindful of issues that will impact its citizens.

Omer points out that some of the issues being discussed are city infrastructures, such as road maintenance, snow removal and care of city-owned buildings. He says that according to information he has gathered, Fountain Green City does not anticipate any tax increases.

According to Omer, issues like these will be his top priority if he is elected to serve on the city council. He further states that he will respect the views and opinions of others.

Stuart Hansen

Stuart Hansen was born and raised in Fountain Green. He graduated from North Sanpete High School, Snow College and Utah Valley University with a bachelor degree in accounting. He is seeking to fill one of the Fountain Green four-year city council seats.

Hansen says he is running for the city council seat to repay the citizens of Fountain Green for their love. He points out that, like any other city there are always problems or issues to deal with. One of Fountain Green’s problems is compliance with zoning and how the city should handle properties that do not meet the current rules.

As a young man Hansen earned the Eagle Scout award and also served in the San Antonio Texas Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He met his future wife, Kathrine Kendall, of Mt. Pleasant; while attending the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti.

The couple have been blessed with one daughter, Paislee. He currently works as an accountant for National Vinyl Products in Nephi and plans to build a home for their family in Fountain Green.