STK - Gavel

SPRING CITY-- The lawsuit against Spring City, filed by former Spring City Recorder Deborah Dahl and Spring City Treasurer Melynda Haveron, has been settled out of court. The pair will receive $142,500 in damages.

In 2015, both employees were fired for statements made against city leaders which alleged wrongdoing, including illegal road contract awards.

In addition to wrongful acts and employee dismissals, the lawsuit alleged that the reputations of the two employees were damaged by statements made by Mayor Jack Monnett and other city officials.

Spring City chose to settle the lawsuit outside of court without admitting guilt rather than proceed with a potentially lengthy court case which could have been more expensive.

It is expected that Spring City’s insurance policy will cover the settlement and legal fee costs. However, it is also expected that due to the lawsuit there will be increased city insurance premiums to be paid.

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