Three council seats to be filled in Moroni

Jared Howells

MORONI—Municipal Election ballots will be delivered beginning Oct. 15 to all registered voters. Moroni City has three four-year council seats to be filled and four candidates have filed to fill those seats. The candidates are: Incumbent Jenifer Lamb, incumbent Bevan W. Wulfenstein, Jared Howells and D. Craig Draper.

The city also has one two-year council seat to be filled. Only one candidate has filed for the position, Troy Prestwich.

Jared Howells

Jared Howells has lived in Moroni for six years and states that he is unaffiliated with any political party. Howells chooses to base his decisions on what he perceives to be logical and of moral principle. He prefers to find truth rather than stick to misguided political dogma.

Howells believes in the rights of the individual and believes that government’s role as a republic is to protect the rights of the individual. He also believes that as a corporation, Moroni City has an obligation to its citizens to provide promised services at reasonable cost.

When elected as a Moroni City council member, Howells says that to the best of his ability and within the constraints of the position, he will protect private property rights and the rights of the individual.

He will also work to keep basic services in check and running smoothly, as well as, keeping unnecessary projects from becoming future tax and labor burdens.