Utah named as a top 10 most dangerous teen driving state

A recent report of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that Utah still has a problem with traffic fatalities involving young drivers.

FT. MILL, SC— Safety.com recently announced that Utah is one of the top ten most dangerous states for teen drivers. Their report also addresses state laws regarding cell phones and age requirements.

National Teen Driver Safety Week took place during October. In recognition of the week, Safety.com analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to determine the most dangerous states for young drivers (ages 15-20) from the most recent data available (2017).

The Teen Driver Safety Week is a reminder of the importance that parents, educators, and teenagers themselves need to place on being safe behind the wheel of a vehicle all year round.

The NHTSA data provides a look at the percentage of state traffic fatalities who were killed in crashes involving young drivers, who are defined as those between the ages of 15-20.

When factoring in the percentage of the state’s population that is between the ages of 15-20, the report arrives at a ranking of the most dangerous states for young drivers.

In Utah, 16.1 percent of serious vehicle crashes where a fatality occurred involved young drivers. When factoring in that 9.31 percent of the population of Utah was between the ages of 15-20, this places the state among the most dangerous for young drivers.

The top 10 most dangerous states (by percentage) are: 1.) Rhode Island; 2.) Iowa; 3.) New Hampshire; 4.) Mississippi; 5.) Missouri; 6.) Colorado; 7.) Wisconsin; 8.) Idaho; 9.) Utah; and 10.) Nebraska.

The full analysis and ranking of all 50 states can be viewed here: https://www.safety.com/the-most-dangerous-states-for-young-drivers/.

The report includes information on whether or not the state has current laws that restrict cell phone use for young drivers and hands-free bans for all drivers as important initiatives to protect young drivers and other drivers on the road.

For the top 10 states on the list, the report also takes a look at the age requirements for obtaining a learner’s permit and a full privilege driver’s license.

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