This time of year, there are many who like to make predictions about the future year. There are always people predicting what is in store for the world and, for that matter, the end of the world. There are always lots of political predictions.

I believe that we deserve to have some “close to home” predictions, just for us in Sanpete. I’ve been thinking about it a little. I dusted off my crystal ball and here’s what I see for Sanpete in 2021.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Summer Games, already postponed and in jeopardy, will be saved by being transferred to Sanpete County, Utah. Mitt Romney will take a leave of absence from the Senate and chair the organizing committee. The Games will be held at Snow College with a few socially distanced spectators, but broadcast to the world. World records will be broken.

President Biden will declare a new national park in Sanpete County — Skyline Mountains National Park. Fairview will be the site for the visitor’s center. Sanpeters will be divided over the announcement. Those in favor will be happy that Skyline Drive will be paved and bad weather rescues reduced.

The Sanpete County commissioners will announce plans for a new high-rise skyscraper enlarging space at the county courthouse complex in Manti. The prospect of new, luxurious, county commission chambers on the sixteenth floor will be opposed by some calling it a modern day “Tower of Babel.”

Gold, silver, and incredibly, diamonds will be discovered and mined in Sanpete. A Mercedes dealership will open in Chester, a Porsche dealership in Axtell, and a Subaru dealership in Spring City.

A Sanpete Lottery will be started up for purposes of funding the widening of Highway 89 to four lanes throughout the county. The first “scratch off” game cards will be called “Turkey Treasure’ and “Skyline Shekels.” A new gigantic convenience store will be located in Indianola and will sell more lottery tickets than Malad, Idaho.

The Sanpete Planning and Zoning/Building Inspector’s offices will offer special building permits allowing anyone to build anything anywhere. The fee for the special permit will be $50,000 each. Money generated will fund the new county skyscraper office complex.

The Sanpete turkey industry will skyrocket with the discovery that high turkey consumption lessens the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, hair loss, nasal congestion and the common cold.

Wal-Mart will do a major remodel to its current Sanpete store. It will no longer be a “one door” Wal-Mart. The floor space will be doubled. There will no longer be shortages of Hostess Sno-Balls, distilled water, Bounty paper towels, and Slim-Fast Advanced Nutrition Chocolate protein shakes. (Now you know what I shop for)

Bill and Melinda Gates will move to Sanpete County. They will build a modest 30,000 square foot home in Fountain Green and buy a small herd of sheep. Now down to $95.4 billion in his “pocket,” and ranked as the second richest man in the world, Bill will reveal that it was time to down-size.

And finally, Sanpete’s population will increase by several thousand people. Uncertain times will have people “heading for the hills.” Sanpete has good hills.

It will be interesting to see what the new year brings. Regardless

of what actually happens, here’s to a safe, successful, healthy and happy 2021. — — Merrill