FOUNTAIN GREEN--On September third Shep’s Grill & Market re-opened for business in Fountain Green under new ownership. Husband-and-wife team Jenni James and Jason Sabey, who have lived in Fountain Green for five years along with their blended family of eleven children, saw an opportunity to create the dream of a lifetime in Fountain Green after Shep’s former owner Cheryl Shepard shut her doors on July 31.

“We can do this,” James recalls telling her husband, and so they did.

With James’ love of authentic food and the craft of cooking and Sabey’s experience in business management at a national big box store, the two set out on a journey with Shep’s Grill and Market.

With the support of their children the couple owns, manages, and “does everything” at Shep’s. Sabey’s children are not new to the food service business. They worked with their dad at Del Taco in American Fork before the family opened Shep’s.

James, who has authored 50 award-winning best-selling books and several screenplays, has been busy working on a new menu for the grill. It is now ready to be viewed on Facebook and can be printed for quick reference.

She proudly shares that all their menu items are made with real ingredients, like local honey from Mt. Pleasant, and from original recipes. Her son Tanner takes credit for some of the best culinary combinations, like his five-star Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich, which is served with lettuce, slices of tomato and a secret ingredient. James does all the baking, offering daily fresh baked treats, a perfect combination with a cup of herbal tea from the Tea Bar.

October 1 was the launch of Shep’s new menu of four hand crafted Buffalo Burgers—The Eagle Scout, The Explorer, The Mini Chief and The Chief. Plans are to start introducing new daily specials, such as Taco Tuesday. Navajo Tacos and Smothered Burritos are coming soon as well as the perfect dessert—homemade ice cream.

Launching in November will be homemade pies, and in December Tamales. New salads are being introduced in January and James’ favorite fish sandwich is planned to launch in February, once it has been perfected, with a crisp outer coating and a flaky fresh-fish core. No second-best will do for this sandwich!

‘It’s long hours (especially during these beginning weeks), it’s hard work... I’ve watched countless cinnamon rolls, sweet bread, cookies and brownies sell out in a flash, knowing I’ll have to make more the next day ... but there’s something magical about being the heart of a community and truly living in it. Learning the stories of those around you and opening your heart up even more than before. Thank you, Fountain Green, just thank you,” James said.

Shep’s Market is open Monday thru Saturday 8am to 8pm. Shep’s Grill is open Monday thru Saturday 10am to 7:45pm, taking last orders at 7:30pm. They are located at 84 South State Street in Fountain Green.