The Mormon Miracle Pageant unfolds in sweeping and rewarding fashion on Manti’s Temple Hill. “An awesome and magnificent experience,” commented one visitor. “A reverent and dazzling rendition of America’s past and future,” another one voiced.

The pageant is a procession of mesmerizing portrayals of historic events that happened in the Americas centuries ago.

The records of two ancient civilizations, who vanished long ago from wars and natural catastrophes, were compiled onto gold plates then given to Joseph Smith, who translated and published them as The Book of Mormon.

Portrayals of some of the ancient events are carried out on Temple Hill and even on the walls and terraces surrounding the Manti Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including a resurrected Christ, appearing to the Nephite people.

Also, events in the life of Joseph Smith, founder and first president of the Church and the trials and persecutions of those who followed his teachings, including pioneers who sailed across the ocean, then trekked across the country in all kinds of wagons, handcarts.

The Mormon Miracle Pageant is one of those spectacular events that has brought people from all over, year after year, to watch the panorama unfold without tiring of seeing it.

The pageantry, costumes, lighting and the wonderful outdoor atmosphere have kept people coming back time after time.

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