German family builds successful Broken Heart Rodeo Company

Ben and Jennifer German have built a successful rodeo stock business, Broken Heart Rodeo Company, which includes their three children, spouses and grandkids, who all play important roles in the venture such as timing, secretarial duties, pickup men and bull fighter. Pictured are (back row left to right): Jordan Heiner, Chase Heiner, Jennifer German, Ben German, Ashton Wilson, Chase Wilson and Wyatt German. Front row: Dallie Jo Heiner, Bronc Heiner and Rylen Heiner.

It all started 29 years ago when Broken Heart Rodeo Company put on their first Bull Wars in Morgan, UT. With little knowledge or experience, but high hopes, a very successful rodeo career began.

Residing in West Haven, Ben and Jennifer German are the proud parents of three children, two sons in-law, and three grandchildren — all of whom work the rodeos. German makes his living from rodeo, while Jennifer has been a pharmacy technician for 17 years, currently working at Bowman’s in Kaysville.

Jordan (28), the oldest of the German children, is the Regional Operations Director for Sal Management and is married to Chase Heiner who is the Operations Manager for Golden Spike Event Center and picks up all the rodeos. Chase and Jordan have three children; Rylen, Dallie Jo, and Bronc.

The Germans second child, Ashton (25), is the Fair Director for Weber County. She times and secretaries all the rodeos while her husband, Chase Wilson (26), fights bulls for Broken Heart.

Wyatt (23), the youngest of the bunch, graduated from Dickinson State University in North Dakota and is living his dream guiding hunts in Canada.

Besides all the family additions, Broken Heart has added several hundred head of bucking horses, bulls, stock trailers, a semi-truck, trailer rig, and has dozens of rodeos lined up each year across the Mountain West. Broken Heart Rodeo has gone from the newest stock contractor in Utah, to arguably one of the best.

Over the 29-year period, German has produced an enviable resume of success. In the past 18 years, his stock has won 79-of- 88 Top Stock Awards in the Intermountain Professional Rodeo Association (IMPRA) and Rocky Mountain Professional Rodeo Association (RMPRA).

German also has been named “Stock Contractor of the Year” for the past 18 years, in both associations. He has sent stock to the National Finals Rodeo, Wilderness Circuit Finals, Nevada State High School Finals, and is the stock contractor at the Utah State High School Finals. Some of the stock that has made a stop at the NFR is Corkscrew, Triple H, Snoopy, and Double Down.

Broken Heart takes great pride in their livestock and always continues to purchase new animals to improve the company’s string. German has a “Born to Buck” program that allows him to raise genetically superior bucking horses. He plans to continue to raise some of the best and then buy the rest to complete his champion caliber collection of bucking horses and bulls. German’s bulls have been named “Bull of the Year” since 2003, Two Jump Jimmy being the most recent. Same goes for horses, Peace Pipe, and Billy the Kid.

In the spring of 2008, Broken Heart Rodeo teamed up with Circle J Rodeo to start the new Rocky Mountain Professional Rodeo Association. It has been a very successful 12 years, with many more to come. During the past year, German has produced over 115 performances of exciting rodeo. The business would not be a success without the help from every family member.

The German family would like to thank everyone, from sponsors to chute help, for making their rodeos possible. Now after 29 years of experience managing bucking stock and rodeo production, the Broken Heart Rodeos are the place to be to expect something exceptional.