The Mormon Miracle Pageant takes place at the foot of the Manti Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the central Utah town of Manti from June 13-15 and 18-22, gates open at 6:30 p.m., pageant begins at 9:30 p.m.

Best routes

The best mode of transportation is by charter bus or car, which requires an approximate driving time of two hours from Salt Lake City in northern Utah or just less than two and one-half hours from Cedar City in southern Utah.

There are two separate routes to take coming from northern Utah:

The first is as follows: I-15 south to U.S. Highway 6 in Spanish Fork. Take Highway 6 east to U.S. Highway 89. Turn south on Highway 89 which travels directly to Manti.

The other route from the north would follow I-15 south to U.S. Highway 132 in Nephi. Take Highway 132 east to U.S. Highway 89. Turn south on Highway 89 which goes directly to Manti.

The best route from southern Utah would be I-15 north to I-70. Take I-70 east to U.S. Highway 89 in Salina. Turn north on Highway 89 which takes travelers directly to Manti.

Convenience locations

Translators: Language translation will be provided by missionaries at the missionary booth in the front center section of the seating area on temple grounds. Approximately 200 headphones will be available to those speaking Spanish.

Hearing impaired: Signing for the hearing impaired will be available on a TV monitor each night instead of being signed live so that the service can be offered for each performance.

Culinary water: Drinking fountains are located directly west of the seating area at the temple on 100 East. Additional fountains are located on the south side of the seating area.

First aid: The Visitor’s Center, west of the seating area, will provide first aid information. An ambulance will be on stand-by during pageant performances.

Emergency medical treatment: a first aid station is located on the west side of the Manti Temple at 450 North 100 East. There will also be emergency medical personnel patrolling the temple grounds on four-wheelers. For all other emergencies, contact the Sanpete County Sheriff’s Office at (435) 835-2191 or dial 911.

Wheelchair, handicapped: Accommodations for wheelchairs and handicapped seating are available at each performance. Ushers will be able to assist with locating these accommodations. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located at the Visitor’s Center, west of the seating area.

Restrooms: Restrooms are located in mobile trailers behind the distribution center west of the seating area and also in mobile trailers on the east side of temple grounds, next to temple worker housing.

Lost and Found: The Mormon Miracle Pageant maintains a “Lost and Found” station where lost and found items are reported and turned in. Lost children or family members are also taken to this location for quick and easy reuniting with family. The “Lost and Found” station is located northwest of the Temple grounds at the east door of the Family History Center.

Security: There are at least 30 security personnel and 20 ushers on site for the Friday and Saturday performances.

More information: For more on the Mormon Miracle Pageant or tourism information for the Sanpete area, listen to the county information radio station at 1610 AM on the radio; or call (435) 835-3000.