The rise and fall of two ancient American civilizations is depicted with clashing armies and phenomenal natural events during the Mormon Miracle Pageant.

These civilizations disappeared long before Columbus landed, leaving records carved on plates of ore, telling stories of both turbulent and peaceful times. The plates were later translated and published as The Book of Mormon.

“Reverent and dazzling rendition of America’s past and future,” wrote one visitor to the Mormon Miracle Pageant. “Unexpected, stimulating and rewarding,” are other frequent comments.

The pageant portrays the Americas in a different light as a parade of unforgettable scenes unfold on Temple Hill.

When the scenes on temple hill fade, the words of Moroni, the book’s last author, echo in the mind, “Remember, O remember, he that possess this land shall serve God or be swept off.”

The pageant portrays how those who accepted the message of the Book of Mormon were driven from settled areas of the U.S. soon after its publication.

Love of America’s Constitution, felt by those members of the new but rapidly growing Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is powerfully contrasted with some of the distress they suffered at the hands of mobs in several states.

Many who lived through that era of persecution, crossed the plains and struggled up and through the Rocky Mountains to build a new life in the valley of the Great Salt Lake.

Along with farming tools, they brought books, fine china and even pianos to the valley and soon had it “blossoming like a rose.”

Though they faced severe weather, hostile Indians, rattlesnakes and primitive living conditions, they found joy through their faith in God and a hope for a better tomorrow.

Scenes and messages such as these and more have been brought to life by a tremendous cast and production staff each year in the Mormon Miracle Pageant for over 50 years.

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