DWR officers to enforce trespass laws on Lower Fish Creek

Those who fish below Scofield Dam on Lower Fish Creek need to be aware of private property in the area. Trespassing on private property is a class B misdemeanor. (Map courtesy of Utah DWR)

SALT LAKE CITY— For those who have previously fished at Lower Fish Creek below the Scofield Dam or crossed the property while hunting, be aware that there has been a change in property access, and the area has been closed to the public.

Starting approximately 700 yards below the Scofield Dam, public access along the river will not be allowed, including for fishing and hunting. Lower Fish Creek is a Blue Ribbon Fishery and popular brown trout fishing spot, as well as an area where people hunt ducks or cross through while elk hunting.

No-trespass signs were posted before the fall archery hunts in 2019, but some individuals disregarded them. To help prevent conflicts with the private landowner, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) conservation officers will be patrolling the area and enforcing trespass laws along this portion of the river. A trespassing citation is a class B misdemeanor.

“There is a common misconception that people think if they walk down the stream bed, they are not breaking trespass laws on private property,” DWR Lt. Roger Kerstetter said. “However, that is not accurate. There was some trespassing last fall after the access change, and we want to try and educate the public and prevent any problems this spring.”

Those who want to fish the lower portion of the river may still access 5.5 miles of it through the DWR’s Lower Fish Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA). The WMA can be reached from US Highway 6 at the Colton Bridge, at mile marker 218.

The road climbs a long ridge, rising to the south and passing through trees. From the ridge top, a winding road leads down the steep, north-facing, conifer-covered slopes to a point on Lower Fish Creek, located two miles south of Scofield Reservoir.

A map of the 7,547-acre Lower Fish Creek WMA and more details can be viewed on the DWR website at https://dwrapps.utah.gov/ram/start2.

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