Juab Wasps sting Hawks football 28-5

Although the North Sanpete Hawks played hard, the Juab Wasps stung the Hawks Sept. 27 by winning 28-5. (Photo courtesy of Shauna Watts)

NEPHI — North Sanpete Hawks faced the Juab Wasps Sept. 27 in Nephi, but were unable to secure a win. The Hawks headed to Juab with a 6-0 record and were looking forward to adding another win under their belt. However, a lack of defensive presence and inability to move down the field offensively allowed the Wasps to sting the Hawks with their first loss.

The first quarter was a success for the Wasps as Juab scored two touchdowns and held the Hawks to zero. The second quarter however, was were the Wasps asserted their dominance and created a deficit too great for North Sanpete to overcome.

At first, it appeared that the Hawks were going to make a comeback as they were able to score a safety and put two points on the board. The Hawks were also in a “Goal and Inches” situation, but the Wasps defense was able to hold the Hawks preventing them from crossing the line.

Both teams continued to battle all quarter, until, with only seconds left in the second quarter, Juab’s Cade Bowring ran in a touch down for the Wasps bringing the score to 21-2 for Juab.

The Hawks tried to hang on by gaining as much yardage as possible and were able to get the ball into field goal range. North Sanpete’s Luis Rodriguez kicked in a 36-yard field goal adding three points to the Hawk’s score, but the Wasps still lead 21-5.

After the half, the Hawks were still in a position to come back. However, the Wasps’ defense ensured that North Sanpete was unable to narrow the gap. The Hawks again found themselves in a “Goal in Inches” situation, but were again shut out by the Wasps.

Before the third quarter ended, Juab was able to add one more touchdown bringing the final score to 28-5. Neither team scored any points in the fourth quarter so Juab took the victory.

When asked about the game, North Sanpete Head Coach Rhett Bird said, “It was a really good test for us and was the first real test where we got down and had to fight back, it is hard to simulate those games and prepare for them.”

“Juab is a good team and they got the momentum going their way early in the game,” said Bird. “A couple of key situations were definitely the two goal-line stands they had and a third-and-12 play when Juab’s quarterback found Cade Bowring in the end zone in a scramble.”

According to Coach Bird, “Our next game is against Manti and they are ranked number one in the RPI ranking so it will be another big week for us. Nothing really changes are far as preparation goes. We will still watch film and go over their best plays and athletes to be ready for the game.”

The Hawks will play against Manti Templars Friday, Oct. 4, at 7 p.m., at North Sanpete High School, 700 South 390 East, Mt. Pleasant.