Amberly Kariuki

Amberly Kariuki was chosen as Nebo School District’s Teacher of the Year. A teacher at Brockbank Elementary School in Spanish Fork, Kariuki is in her sixth year of teaching fourth grade. Before fourth grade, she taught kindergarten for 10 years.

Kariuki is a hard-working teacher who shows a great deal of concern for her students and commitment to the profession.

Part of Brockbank’s mission statement states, “We engage in lifelong learning.” Kariuki lives by this statement. She is continually learning, asking for help, getting ideas from mentors and instructional coaches, and reading and researching best practices.

Kariuki contributes to the Brockbank faculty with her wonderful comments and participation in faculty meetings and grade level collaborations. She has great insight and ideas to share and her expertise is appreciated.

She also shares knowledge gained from the classes she has taken, including technology lessons. She created a few “mini” classes for Brockbank faculty members.

Kariuki said she first wanted to be a teacher when she was in first grade because she wanted to be able to write on the chalkboard.

“My desire to become a teacher never left, that’s just what I have always wanted to do. I have always looked up to teachers and respected the profession,” she said.

Her favorite aspect of teaching is the relationship with the students. “They all come to you with different backgrounds, stories and personalities. I love building connections with each of them,” Kariuki said. “I love the moment when a student finally ‘gets it.’ Sometimes it takes a lot of time and work, and it’s rewarding to see the light go on.”