Nebo School District honors classified employees throughout the district each year. Those honored this year include:

Jan Gordon, Special

Education Services

Jan Gordon, an employee at Foothills Elementary School in Salem, has been named Nebo School District’s 2019-20 Special Education Services Employee of the Year.

Gordon has also been named the district’s overall Classified Employee of the Year for 2019-2020.

Gordon is a tremendous asset to Foothill’s students, parents, faculty and staff. She works as the school’s resource technician but has the skills of a certified teacher. During her 25 years at Nebo School District, Gordon has touched the lives of many students and families in the Salem area.

Gordon is kind, caring, generous and hard-working and always wears a smile. She always puts the needs of others ahead of her own. She is involved in many community efforts, one of which was a highly successful food drive in November that she coordinated with Salem schools, Tabitha’s Way and local churches.

Sherry McDaniel,

Child Nutrition

Sherry McDaniel, an employee at Spanish Fork Junior High School, has been named Nebo School District’s 2019-20 Child Nutrition Employee of the Year.

McMullin makes lunchtime a positive, efficient experience for all the students she interacts with. She kindly reminds students that they have one lunch left on their account without making them feel guilty or embarrassed about it.

McMullin remembers students’ faces and names and makes them feel noticed and important, even in the lunch line. She trains other nutrition workers with expertise and kindness. She knows how to make a stressful time for many students (and even teachers) a positive one.

Heather Ash,


Heather Ash has been named Nebo School District’s 2019-20 Employee of the Year in Transportation.

Ash has a great way of seeing opportunities in any situation. She sets a high bar of complimenting anyone and everyone she meets. Having Ash in the transportation department is the best thing since school buses were painted yellow.

Ross Beck,


Ross Beck has been named Nebo School District’s 2019-20 Warehouse Employee of the Year.

Beck is one of those silent Nebo Heroes – quiet but always there taking care of anything and everything. He does this all with a positive attitude. It seems like every time something needs to be checked on, Beck has already been there or he is there doing it now. Ross has friends everywhere he goes.