Payson veterinarian housed 75 pets while people were evacuated for fires 01

Valerie Cornwell, a kennel tech at the Payson Family Pet Hospital, plays with Dottie in the boarding area of the pet hospital on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018, in Payson. Cornwell has worked at Payson Family Pet Hospital for the past year.

Making sure your pets are sterilized is a great way to help reduce Utah County's population of pets, which will in turn lighten the load of unwanted pets and stray taken in to local animal shelters.

Most adopted pets come spayed or neutered, but if your pet isn't yet, you can get your pet spayed or neutered at your veterinary office. The nonprofit Best Friends Animal Society also houses a discounted spay and neuter clinic in Orem. You can also drive up to Murray to the Humane Society of Utah's Community Clinic, which offers discounted spay and neuter surgeries.