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4-H Exhibit Deadlines and Guidelines

By Staff | Jul 31, 2019

Important Dates, Deadlines:

Aug. 4, 11:59 p.m.

All 4-H fair exhibit entries must be entered online at https://utah4hreg.usu.edu/cf/. Online registration must be completed by 4-H Club Leaders and requires an active email account. Assistance in completing online entries is available by calling the extension office at 283-3472.

4-H Afterschool members need to contact Cheryl Bartholomew at cheryl.bartholomew@usu.edu by Saturday, Aug. 3, to enter fair exhibits.

Aug. 17, 1 — 4 p.m.

4-H entries will be accepted at the Exhibit Building. (Exceptions include Fresh Produce and Baked Goods) The building will close promptly at 4 p.m.

Aug. 20, 8 — 9 a.m.

Fresh Produce and Baked Goods will be accepted at the Exhibit Building. Building will be closed for judging at 9 a.m.

Aug. 21, 2 — 7 p.m.

4-H Exhibit Building open to public.

Aug. 22-24, 11 a.m. — 8 p.m.

4-H Exhibit Building open to public.

Aug. 26, 3 — 6 p.m., Entry Pick-Up

4-H members are responsible for picking up fair entries and premium money. Failure to do so during specified times may result in the forfeiture of premium money. Items qualifying for Utah State Fair need to be identified and made known to 4-H Staff during the Entry Pick-Up time.

4-H Exhibit Guidelines

1. Enrolled 4-H members have the opportunity to showcase their blue-ribbon quality projects created after the 2018 fair.

2. All entries must be registered online at https://utah4hreg.usu.edu/cf/ no later than 11:59 p.m., on Sunday, Aug. 4. Entry tags need to be printed off and attached to each item before check-in. Only online entries will be accepted and no entries will be accepted after 11:59 p.m. on Aug. 4.

3. All entries must be stable enough to be handled and moved.

4. Artwork, photos, framed embroidery, etc. must be matted. Glass-framed projects will not be accepted. A limited number of mats in select sizes will be available for purchase at the extension office.

5. Food entries must not need refrigeration and will not be returned.

6. 4-H members must provide hangers for clothing entries.

7. Entries are limited to one item per lot within a class. (Exceptions include Food Preservation: Three items of different fruits and three items of different vegetables and Gardening: unlimited items in each lot).

8. Legos and other building block entries qualifying for the State Fair must be transported by the individual.

9. Produce qualifying for the State Fair must be transported by the individual.

10. The Utah State 4-H Fair Book serves as a guide for classes and lots of all entries. https://utah4h.org/files/Events/Fairs/FairMaterials/Fairbook2019.pdf.


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