Race: Payson City Council

Email: dougwelton@gmail.com

Facebook: DougWeltonPaysonCityCouncil 

Occupation: Teacher

Age: 45

Education: Master's Degree

What are the biggest issues facing your city and how do you plan to address them?

Growth and infrastructure are the biggest problems Payson faces. For years, Payson has had less than average growth. That is all changing. The State has projected Payson to double in size over the next 15-20 years. It is vitally important that Payson is prepared and has a plan in place to accommodate this growth in a manner that is responsible and in a manner that continues to reflect the people of Payson City. Proper planning is essential. We are nearly completed with our new Master and General plans. As a member of the current council, this is a need we saw and have been working to address this issue. Nearly two years ago, we began to undertake the planning process. We have worked hard to include the community and have had over two thousand residents participate through surveys, planning meetings, and more. There is still time to leave your feedback at www.imaginepayson.com WIth these plans in place, we can better direct growth in a manner consistent with the desires of the residents of Payson. The plans will also help us to ensure that when a development comes, we know the right size of pipe, electric services, etc. that need to be installed to handle the xpected development of an area. This will help ensure we aren't ripping out infrastructure in two years because it was inadequate for the area. It also ensure that we have the right zoning for the community.

As far as infrastructure goes, we have been saving for the last four years for our sewer upgrade. We also upgrades our Pressurized Irrigation system and rehabilitated one of our water tanks this summer. The next big push will be a discussion regarding curb and gutter which will help with road upgrades. We have been looking at several special improvement district options that are available, city specific options, and even bonding. We will need to have several discussions at the city and council level. Resident feedback is important in tackling an issue like this. Especially when it involves personal property.

We will also be completely rebuilding Payson Main Street from 600 S to 1400 S in conjunction with the Central Utah Water project coming through town. That will be a big improvement to our city. Payson will upgrade all infrastructure in the street at this time as well.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

We have some amazing candidates running this year. My experience as coach of the award-winning Salem Hills Debate team has me how to engage with others in a constructive manner and how to research issues fully. I believe thorough discussion leads to the best solutions. I am not afraid of criticism, and embrace the idea that constructive criticism leads to the best outcomes. Additionally, I have a strong track record of engaging with the residents of Payson. Evidence of this can be seen if you visit my Facebook page @DougWeltonPaysonCityCouncil. Communication is vital, and something I have worked hard to do. I am available and responsive. One of the pushes I made while a member of Payson City Council was for the city to improve their communication and transparency levels as well. The city has a much stronger presence on Facebook and Instagram as a result. An informed citizenry makes good choices.

What relevant experience do you have for this position?

In addition to serving on city council for nearly four years, I have also served as the Utah Debate Coaches Association president and president of the Utah Association of Japanese Teachers. Additionally, I worked for several years in the private sector as a manager of a jewelry store before moving to education in my 30's. I am familiar with balancing budgets, management, sales, goal setting, and working with people to get the best results for everyone. I am also currently serving as the chair of Southern Utah Valley Power Systems (SUVPS), and the Payson City Library Board.

What previous elected positions have you held?

Payson City Council. I have also served as a precinct chair, vice chair, and vice legislative chair in my local caucus precincts and districts.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know about you?

I love Payson! I have an amazing experience serving the residents of Payson for the last four years. It has been a pleasure and I look forward to the privilege of representing you for another four years.

I you have any questions, please feel free to call, email me, or message me on Facebook. I apologize for any typos. It is hard to see what I'm typing in little text boxes.

Thank you,

Doug Welton