Race: Springville City Council

Email: jamiller_@hotmail.com

Website: http://millerforspringville.com

Facebook: Jason Miller – Springville City Council

Twitter: @Miller4SpringvilleCity

Age: 47

Occupation: Financial and Risk Management Professional

Education: MBA (BYU 2008), BS-Biology (University of California 1997)

What are the biggest issues facing your city and how do you plan to address them?

Springville is well-positioned and on a very positive path forward. However, with the rapid growth taking place in the City, there are a number of important issues which must be addressed. Two of these are:

1) Ensuring stable service and utility costs and tax rates despite large looming capital expenditure requirements and a possible economic downturn.

Taxes and utility and service costs have a major impact on all of us. My view has been and will continue to be that resident cost stability should be a top objective for the City. The best way to address this is through planning and careful consideration of the expenses associated with delivering each service. Through careful budgeting and conservatism for example, funding for replacement of ageing electrical generation equipment will be possible without additional bonding. Or in the case of pending wastewater facility requirements (which will require multi-million dollar expenditures) we need to set aside funds now to prevent future shocks to residents.

2) Attracting businesses to increase the tax base and provide services and retail opportunities locally for residents.

The City Council I have participated in and advisory boards have worked hard to attract businesses which will benefit our community. While we can’t direct businesses to set up in Springville, we have worked to and will continue to create the most attractive environment possible. This will require a great deal of continued outreach and creative efforts to build win-win relationships with candidate businesses.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

My perspective, professional background, understanding of Springville’s operational and financial profile, and determination to accomplish what’s best for ALL residents and the City itself distinguish me. Even when difficult considerations arise, I focus on the people I represent and on making mutually beneficial decisions whenever possible. This approach is highlighted by my voting record and the thought and consideration I put into every issue the Council addresses. I have also proactively and frequently voiced concerns about emerging risks and will continue to be forward-thinking in our strategic approach to Springville’s future.

What relevant experience do you have for this position?

My relevant experience has been gained from both my professional and personal backgrounds. Personally, involvement in local service efforts has given me a strong desire to build this community and a great respect for the many residents who do the same. Professionally, I have developed a strong analytical approach which allows me to effectively deconstruct issues and devise creative solutions where possible. I have many years of financial analysis and risk management experience which gives me a unique perspective on the strengths of Springville as well the risks facing our City. I have also gained considerable teams and organizational management experience and adopted a collaborative approach in my leadership efforts.

What previous elected positions have you held?

I was previously elected to the Springville City Council.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know about you?

For ten years I have sought and taken opportunities to volunteer and serve in this community where my wife, six children and I have lived for nearly thirteen. I would strongly encourage residents to review my voting record, which demonstrates my commitment to thoughtful action – always taken with consideration of everyone involved. It has been a privilege to serve on the current City Council and I am consistently surprised by the amazing residents and staff who are willing to share so much time and energy to make this a great place to live. Springville is an increasingly complex community which takes time to understand. I believe that I can continue to add significant value with my personal and professional experience and perspective and I would appreciate the opportunity and privilege of continuing to serve.