Race: Saratoga Springs City Council

Email: jkmarty@gmail.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/KaraforSSCouncil

Occupation: Homemaker

Age: 34

What are the biggest issues facing your city and how do you plan to address them?

Transportation/Traffic: Working to build relationships with UDOT and surrounding cities to help move the timelines forward and secure as much funding as possible through traditional and unique options to do so.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

I have been serving in the community for the last 7 years, out there with the citizens, being a part of all things I can in Saratoga. We need to work well with businesses, citizens and neighboring cities, my unique experience in civic events and Pta has taught me how to work and build those relationships.

What relevant experience do you have for this position?

Having served in the city and Ptas I am prepared to be the voice of my neighbors.

What previous elected positions have you held?

PTA president, VP, Board member, School Community Council, HOA board