Race: Vineyard City Council

Email: Keith@KeithKuder.com

Website: http://KeithKuder.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/KeithKuder

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Utahguru

Occupation: Government Affairs

Age: 35

Education: Utah Valley University

What are the biggest issues facing your city and how do you plan to address them?

Smart Growth: ​Vineyard is the fastest growing city in the nation. As we grow, more homes are being built and yes, even more High-Density homes. We need to strike the right balance between accommodating growth and preserving our heritage. This means we need to move forward focusing on single-family homes. And yes, we do need a grocery store.

Sensible Spending: ​Growing up in poverty I was taught the math to become a fiscal conservative. My family manages a budget at home, we live within our means, and always plan for the future. That's exactly what government should be doing. As your Vineyard City representative, that's exactly what I plan to do.

Strong Neighborhoods: We need to strengthen our neighborhoods. When neighborhoods are strong, crime usually stays low, businesses grow and we become closer as a community. I will work hard to ensure our neighborhoods are clean and safe places to live.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

I have knocked on every single door of each voter, I have called every single voter at least once, I have listened to their concerns, and plan to have their voice heard on the Vineyard City Council.

What relevant experience do you have for this position?

 In 2008, Keith was recruited into the Utah political process by being asked to make phone calls to and knock on doors of local delegates in regard to Jason Chaffetz, a congressional candidate considered by many to be an underdog in the race. Because of that assignment, Keith took on the role of Orem Captain. He recruited prominent individuals as members or supporters of Jason Chaffetz for US Congress. Jason Chaffetz later defeated a 12-year incumbent in a 2008 convention and June primary. The Jason Chaffetz victory was shocking on several fronts. Congressman Chris Cannon was endorsed by President George W. Bush, both Utah State U.S. Senators, Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett, and almost the entire Utah State Republican establishment. Congressman Chris Cannon outspent Jason Chaffetz by 6 to 1 when it was all over with. ​

Keith Kuder was first recognized by US Congressman Brad Sherman, the 27th District of California, for his Outstanding Service to the Community in 2001. Since getting involved with community programs, he has maintained a consistently conservative record reflecting the will of the people of the Republican Party. Despite growing up most of his life in a liberal community, in poverty, Keith has demonstrated a unique ability to build a consensus amongst friends and has worked across party lines to achieve results. Keith believes that we can reach solutions if we are not concerned about who gets the credit. A staunch defender of individual liberty and economic freedom, Keith Kuder has consistently demonstrated his strong support for government to be more fiscally conservative.

While living in Los Angeles, Keith helped to bring about change. Keith went before the Los Angeles City Council and millions of viewers in 2002 and asked for a Police Chief more willing to enact reforms and community policing. The following day the Chief of Police, Bernard C. Parks, resigned. A very large part of success of any law enforcement agency is directly related to the community involvement.

He also lived in the Congressional District of Representative Henry Waxman, the 30th District of California, and helped bring about change there as well. Keith was a leader at his High School in a Multi-Cultural group that promoted non-violence on campus. ​

​Keith served a Spanish speaking LDS Mormon Mission in Knoxville Tennessee Mission. Keith then decided to move away from poverty and to Utah. Shortly after a few campaigns Keith went on to work with others and oust 18-year incumbent U.S. Senator Bob Bennett in 2010, allowing U.S. Senator Mike Lee to become a rock star that he has always been.

Keiths’ presence in the Utah community helps benefit the history of high profile investigations, solid conservative credentials, and tenacity in uncovering government waste, and candor in dealing with intense situations.

In addition, Keith is a leader in Utah and has organized numerous College Student events. Keith has organized, managed, and marketed hundred of events with different associations for the benefit of the Charity’s and for conservative student dancing crowds. Believing in crowd management is something that keeps communities safe and crowds entertained.

For years Keith Kuder has served actively in the Republican Party. Salt Lake City Tribune named Keith, and other's marching in the Salt Lake City Utah Gay Pride Parade with Mormons Building Bridges, Utahn of the Year for 2012.

Also in 2012 Keith had unanimous support by Utah representatives in both the House and Senate to modify the Utah Constitution and had law S.B. 201 signed by the Governor for expunging Criminal Justice Court records.

Keith currently works in Government Affairs at Entrata. He is the Social Media Director for Keep My Voice to preserve and strengthen the Utah Caucus system.

What previous elected positions have you held?

Utah State GOP Delegate. Utah County Republican Party Legislative Chairman for Utah House District 59.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know about you?

I am running for Vineyard City Council. My Wife Breanne and I chose to have our family right here in Vineyard. We love this community and the great people we call our neighbors. I’m concerned about our accelerated growth and how we plan for the future. What we do right now will determine what Vineyard looks like down the road. We are the fastest growing City in America and yet somehow 2,000+ homes are sharing the same small pool.

My focus is on three areas: Sustainable Growth, Sensible Spending, and Strengthen Our Neighborhood. In case you missed it, you can watch my introduction video here.

I ask for your vote for Vineyard City Council as your first choice. Otherwise please add me as your second choice on the ballot.

Join me in “Making a Difference for Vineyard!”

Keith Kuder