Race: Eagle Mountain City Council

Age: 54

Occupation: Vice-President of Administration

Education: 3+ years towards a Bachelor Degree in Political Science with a minor in Sociology

What are the biggest issues facing your city and how do you plan to address them?

Eagle Mountain is a relatively young city with a great start and even greater possibilities. The demand for growth and high-density developments has been a concern. A new city general plan has been developed to regulate density and establish strategic zoning. This plan limits the location and number of high-density projects that will be allowed. I would work to complete the zoning and standards needed to support the general plan and then actively advocate to see this plan come to fruition.

Eagle Mountain currently has a rural feel with parks, trails and open spaces that has attracted many residents. It is important to maintain this rural feel as we grow. I would prioritize the expansion of these amenities in new developments that are approved so that we can continue to enjoy these aspects of our community.

Eagle Mountain residents rely on neighboring cities for the majority of their shopping, services and entertainment. This weakens city revenue and is inconvenient for residents. Significant strides have been made to bring commercial and retail establishments to Eagle Mountain. I would support efforts to attract more of these businesses and work to strengthen existing establishments.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

We have a great group of candidates running for city council with a wide range of experience and skills. I can only talk to my strengths. I am dependable and analytical. I take pride in everything that I do and I work hard to accomplish my goals. My extensive leadership experience sets me apart. My experience working as part of a leadership team and using data to make decisions gives me experience that I could immediately put to use on the city council.

I have also had the opportunity to experience many different communities. As an adult, I have lived in three states, seven cities and owned five homes. I have enjoyed exploring new areas and becoming involved in each community. I have lived in a variety of houses and neighborhoods and experienced the pros and cons of density, amenities, and proximity to transportation and retail establishments. My children have been involved in city sports programs, and we have enjoyed parks, trails, and other amenities. We have developed family traditions of participating in city celebrations. These experiences allow me to compare and contrast Eagle Mountain with other communities and bring the best of these experiences with me.

What relevant experience do you have for this position?

My most relevant experience is from working on the leadership team of a local mid-sized company for 29 years. We have experienced hard-to-manage growth interspersed with rapid downturns. Financial conservancy has been a necessity for growth and stability. This company was able to survive the economic downturn ten years ago because it operates on sound financial principles. These same principles would be beneficial in making city financial decisions.

My role on the leadership team is to provide and analyze data to guide decisions and influence company direction. As a leader for the company, I advocate for the things that I believe in but also find it important to explore other perspectives. I believe in investigating problems thoroughly before making decisions, working with others to find common ground, and enacting solutions that work now and for the future. My role in leadership has given me experience with group decision-making that I can put to use on the city council.

Eagle Mountain is a relatively young city and is still working on the development plan and codes that will help it to grow in a deliberate way. The company where I am employed was only four years old when I started working there and I have worked to develop systems and procedures that allow it to operate effectively. This experience can be applied to city issues as well.

While I know that a city differs greatly from a company and private leadership differs from political office, I believe that I can put the skills that I have gained in my career to use on the city council.

What previous elected positions have you held?

I have not held an elected position previously. But I did have the privilege of working with one of our state legislators during the 2019 session. I was involved in helping pass 25 bills during those 45 days. Some were simple bills to change problematic code but others made significant strides to alleviate some of the most serious issues in our state. It wasn’t easy, as some bills sparked heated debates, but it was rewarding to work toward a consensus with the parties involved. This experience inspired me to become more involved in the positive changes that can be made locally in Eagle Mountain.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know about you?

I am dependable and capable and would work hard to represent the citizens of Eagle Mountain. My experience and leadership skills have prepared me to be a valuable, contributing member of the city council. I would consider it an honor to serve in Eagle Mountain.