Race: Springville City Council

Email: craigcon@gmail.com

Age: 56

Occupation: Manager Provo Daily Herald

Education: Brigham Young University

What are the biggest issues facing your city and how do you plan to address them?

Business Development, growth and transparency. As in the past I will continue to promote Springville where ever my travels take me, working to get future businesses to locate in our community, I hate the wait and see attitude, and am a go a do person as I have demonstrated in the past serving on the City Council. We need to look at all facets of growth as our children and grandchildren start looking for homes and find creative ways to make places for them to live affordable and convenient to their lifestyles. Having worked at a newspaper all my life and served as the President the Utah Press Association there is nothing more important to me that open transparent government, I will work to make sure that citizens are informed of everything going on with the city especially when it will hit them in the pocketbook!

What sets you apart from other candidates?

8 years of experience of serving on the City Council, also the business that I am in allows me to network with many individuals on a County and State level. In the past this has been a very effective way of drawing new and exciting developments to Springville.

What relevant experience do you have for this position?

Business management, Sales, and small business owner, along with being involved with many different boards and commissions have given me in-depth real world experience that have allowed me to overcome many obstacles at a city level in the past and make things happen.

What previous elected positions have you held?

Springville City Council 2000-2004 and Springville City Council 2014-2018.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know about you?

I’m running for city council because my family is from Springville and I’ve lived here all my life. I love this city. I care that it is successful, and the way a city is successful is by serving its citizens well. No other success matters if it doesn’t work to serve our citizens. Economic development and a strong business community help keep our taxes low and create local opportunities. As our children and grandchildren have families of their own, we need to be deliberate and creative in maintaining our quality of life while making sure we have places for them to live, work and recreate. Most of all, the City needs to work for and with our citizens.

My dad was a newspaper man. He ran the Springville Herald, which was eventually taken over by the Daily Herald, where I carry on the family tradition. Between a lot of encouragement from other citizens and that journalistic watchdog in me, I decided it was time to go to work for our citizens on the city council. Our lives are busy with work, kids, church, home; not many people have time to keep track of city budget details and issues. We elect people to represent us, not hide things like fee increases from us. Our city needs to be more user friendly and our elected officials should be transparent and actively engaged in keeping citizens informed, and if they aren’t going to do it, then I will! Vote Craig Conover for Springville City Council!