Race: Lehi City Council

Email: henrykneitz@yahoo.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/HenryKneitz

Age: 62

Occupation: Market Manager

Education: Elgin Community College

What are the biggest issues facing your city and how do you plan to address them?

I would like to help maintain the “Down Home” look and feel of this town, which is why people love it here. At the same time being involved in technology as I am, smart devices and so forth, I want the area to continue its growth. Recently it was rated 6th in the nation for growth.I want to make sure that everyone in Lehi has informed access to emergency services.Maintaining the quality of life here. The friendliness, support and growth without losing ourselves to growth. We do not want to be excessively commercialized and yet we also do not want to excessively restrict growth. The post office for example is extremely busy as it is handling Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs as well as Lehi. We need to encourage and support the building of a new facility in one of those other cities.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

There are 13 other candidates and among them are most likely almost every type of experience there is. I will however, list some things which in combination may demonstrate some things which are important in measuring my philosophies.I served for 6 years in the Illinois National Guard. Many of my relatives served in the military. My son was stationed here at Hill Air force base. Exposure to military service creates a strong understanding of our freedoms, protecting those freedoms and concern for the citizenry of this city, state and country.I travel the northern half of the state weekly and get to experience how other communities and their people operate.I believe in setting aside your own personal biases or preferences when making decisions for others.There are many opportunities here in Lehi for putting the citizens first and getting ahead of what is needed here. Why wait for problems to occur and then rush in to fix them. What can we do to get ahead of the curve?On the one hand being a resident of Lehi for years is a benefit, while on the other hand being a new resident and have experienced many different communities gives you a fresh perspective. For example if I am trying to solve a problem asking someone else to look at it from the outside can offer great insight.

What relevant experience do you have for this position?

I have decades of relatable experience. I’ve raised to excellent children. Wisdom, Discernment, Knowledge in many areas are important in all facets of life. I’ve worked in factories, sales and have been part of an executive staff. I would call myself a “Boot Strapper” and a “Jack Of All Trades”.

What previous elected positions have you held?

I ran for the US House of Representatives in the 3rd District last year here in Utah.You will find examples of my debates on my FB political page. I was elected Village Trustee for a day in Jr High School, Streamwood, IL. Since a teen I have followed politics, local, state, federal and international. I have voted hundreds of times since then.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know about you?

A follower of Christ 50+ years. The eldest of 4. Two adult children. My son was stationed at Hill Air force Base. My daughter lives and works in the Chicago area. Married, 7+ years. My wife has a position with the Post Office here in Lehi. Moved here when my company (Amazon) needed a rep in Utah. Closely following politics for 45+ years. Ran for US House, 3rd district in 2018 here in Utah. Illinois National Guard 6 years. I have a desire to support and encourage people. I have done so many things. Coached Soccer, Basketball, I ride a motorcycle, I’ve fenced, boxed, Bicycled long distance, done my own plumbing, electrical, rebuilt rooms including an out of date bathroom, I am currently training for a realtors license, I’ve acted, published a song online, published my own children’s book on Amazon.