By all accounts, new BYU offensive line coach Eric Mateos has fit in well.

He’s a positive guy and why not? He’s got four offensive linemen starters returning and more depth than the Cougars have had in a while.

Part of the process for the new coach is getting to know his fellow coaches and his players. But how well do they know Mateos? We asked him some questions then asked junior offensive lineman Tristan Hoge and running backs coach A.J. Steward the same ones to find out.

Q: What is Eric’s favorite movie?

Eric says: “I don’t think they’ll know this one, but it’s ‘Shawshank Redemption.’”

Steward says: Wow, that’s tough. I would say something like ‘Tommy Boy.’” (0)

Hoge says: “I remember him sending a tweet that he likes ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.’ Said, ‘You guys have to watch that!’” (0)

Q: What is Eric’s favorite TV show?

Eric says: “I love to watch ‘The Wire.’”

Steward says: “Let’s go with ‘Vikings.’” (0)

Hoge says: “Don’t think he’s ever told us. Maybe something old school like ‘Magnum P.I.’” (0)

Q: Does Eric use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook more?

Eric says: “Twitter.”

Steward says: “Twitter.” (1)

Hoge says: “Twitter for sure.” (1)

Q: What is Eric’s type of food?

Eric says: “I like all kinds of foods, I really don’t have a favorite. Maybe Cuban.”

Steward says: “Chicken tenders.” (0)

Hoge says: “Anything. But he’s staying away from the sugar.” (1)

Q: What is Eric’s go-to favorite story or saying?

Eric says: “It’s kind of a bad habit, but I’m always saying, ‘Do you know what I’m saying?’”

Steward says: “’Freak.’ He just calls players or recruits a ‘freak’ like a ‘freak athlete.’” (0)

Hoge says: “’Blue Grit’ is for our O-line. Our call for the o-line is Blue Grit.”(0)

Q: What is Eric’s favorite NFL team?

Eric says: “Kansas City Chiefs.”

Steward says: Yeah, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs.” (1)

Hoge says: “I know it’s the Chiefs.” (1)

Q: What is Eric’s favorite kind of music?

Eric says: “They were listening to my playlist and it’s every kind of music out there. I like all kinds of music.”

Steward says: “Not sure if he listens to a specific genre. He’s the kind of guy that listens to a lot of different music.” (1)

Hoge says: “He likes a variety of music. Everything from country to Elvis Presley to rock.” (1)

Q: Is Eric a truck or a car guy?

Eric says: “I’m a car guy, but now that I’m in Utah, I’d like to be truck guy.”

Steward says: “I would say car guy.” (1)

Hoge says: “He has to be a truck guy.” (.5)

Q: What position other than offensive line would Eric would have liked to play?

Eric says: “For sure tight end.”

Steward says: “I think he’d like to have played safety.” (0)

Hoge says: “I would say tight end.” (1)

Q: What is Eric’s favorite outdoor activity other than football?

Eric says: “Floating the river.”

Steward says: “That’s a tough question. Fishing, maybe.” (0)

Hoge says: “He went horseback riding a while ago and said he liked it.” (0)

Q: At a BBQ, is Eric a ribs, chicken, hamburger or hot dog guy?

Eric says: “I’m a ribs guy.”

Steward says: I’d say ribs, because he’s from Kansas City.” (1)

Hoge says: “Definitely ribs.” (1)


Steward: 5 out of 11

Hoge: 6.5 out of 11


Mateos has only been with the program since February, so the familiarity process is still ongoing. It would stand to reason that Hoge, who spends hours and hours with Mateos in the offensive lineman room, would know his coach a little bit better.

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