2014 has been a year I will never forget. When I think of our infertility journey and the eight long years of struggle, it brings a lot of emotion to mind. Incredibly, after eight hard years of trials, we have been blessed immensely this year with our soon-to-be born quadruplet girls.

There will never be enough words to express my thoughts on how grateful I am for all I've been blessed with this year. I cannot fully express every emotion or feeling I have felt.

I know this task will not be easy, but I am thankful God has given it to us, and I know there is a reason why.

Many look at our eight years of struggle and wonder how we made it. They ask why we didn't give up. They ask how we stayed together. They would wonder why we were so happy and optimistic after continuous failure. And honestly, if they would have asked those questions six or seven years ago, I would have had no answers. But I do now.

I am grateful this year the most for those eight years. Without those eight years I would not be the person I am today. Those eight years educated Ashley and me. They taught us not to take things or people for granted. They taught us patience. They taught us empathy. They taught us understanding. They taught us to be giving and unselfish; they taught us not to judge or jump to conclusions. They taught us how to rely on one another. They taught us trust. They taught us unconditional love. They taught us that family is the most important thing we cherish, and we both would do anything for ours.

They opened our eyes to see what we wanted. They opened our hearts to allow our feelings to come out. Those eight years taught us what it feels like to fall down, and more importantly they taught what it feels like to dust ourselves off and stand back up. They taught us more about ourselves than we knew was possible. I am the most thankful for these years, because they taught Ashley and me how to be great parents; and that's what we intend on being.

We knew God has always had a plan for us, and this year we have received an enormous glimpse of part of that plan He was preparing us for. We give all glory to Him in His infinite wisdom. He has given us more opportunity than we could have ever imagined, and surrounded us with the most incredible family and friends we could ask for to help with these beautiful angels. I am thankful for my wife, my family and friends, all of our continuous support from around the world and for my Father in Heaven who had blessed us tremendously. This year, that is what I am thankful for.

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