BYU vs. Hawaii 25

Cosmo the Cougar passes out promotional cards during Brigham Young University's homecoming game against the University of Hawaii held Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018, at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

Here’s what’s going on inside Darnell’s head as I realize the longer I am in family quarantine and practicing social distancing, the harder it becomes to figure out what day of the week it is.

You know how some people learned to count by sevens, sixes and threes by watching football? That’s me and days of the week, except with sporting events. Monday Night Football, prep sports Tuesday through Friday, college sports on Saturday, NFL on Sunday.

Still alive

BYU fans are stuffing the ballot box (electronically, anyway) in an online mascot bracket. Cosmo — a No. 16 seed — has reached the Final Four of a contest sponsored by Sirus XM. If there’s one thing BYU fans know how to do it’s how to “Jimmer” an online contest. On Monday, the Cougars will face No. 3 Wisconsin and another No. 16, Western Kentucky, takes on No. 6 Oklahoma in the other semifinal.

Cougar Nation, you know what to do.

Meanwhile, Fox Sports is hosting a best fans contest, and BYU is in a tough battle with Michigan State in the round of 32. That one is a little more, hmm, hostile.

Useless skill No. 2

Credit this one to Stacey Jackson (@staerox) on Twitter: “My ability to remember song lyrics from the 80s far exceeds my ability to remember why I walked into the kitchen.”

Same, Stacey. Same.

Not returning

The Ivy League has already indicated it will not allow senior spring sports athletes to return for another season as approved by the NCAA. Since there are no athletic scholarships in the Ivy League, I can see how this would be an issue for the schools.

Then last week, the University of Wisconsin announced it also would not be inviting seniors to return.

I feel bad for the athletes, but there are some very key financial factors at work here. While the NCAA won’t count the additional scholarships against the school’s total, the school still has to come up with the extra money. And the sad fact is that most spring sports in college are not revenue sports. Think about it: Track and field, softball, baseball, tennis, men’s volleyball, lacrosse, beach volleyball and rowing don’t exactly pack the house.

There are certainly exceptions — BYU men’s volleyball is definitely one of them — that pull their own weight. If everyone comes back for the 2021 season, the Cougars would be a heavy favorite to win the national title.

I hope they get the chance.

Be nice

As we muddle through the awkwardness of ordering out, please remember to be patient with the restaurant workers. I’m reading a lot of social media posts about people yelling at teenagers who are struggling to meet the demands of take out from restaurants which were never designed for that kind of business. My experience at places such as Chubby’s and Hungry Howie’s has been very good.

Red vs. Blue

It was good to see that the BYU-Utah men’s basketball rivalry has been extended to 2023. I won’t make any jokes about “safety first” (oops, I guess I just did) but it’s good to see this happen. Last year’s game in Salt Lake City was insane and went to overtime. I’d guess the Marriott Center will be filled (if we’re allowed to be in large groups by then) for another good one next December.

He chose … poorly

I read a story last week about a man who unlawfully entered the Nebraska home of UFC fighter Anthony Smith and was later arrested and charged with first-degree criminal trespass.

Smith ended up subduing the intruder until police arrived.

That reminded me of a story that Zac Collie told me. Younger brother Austin Collie, while serving a mission in Argentina, was photographing some of the local sites when a man rushed up, grabbed his camera and took off. Austin easily chased down the thief and held him until police arrived.

Not sure if that’s truth or myth, but it’s still pretty funny.

Relive the moment

I watched a special edition of “BYU Sports Nation” called, “Play-by Replay” last week where Yoeli Childs, Jake Toolson and Mark Pope relived BYU basketball’s win against Gonzaga. It was good to see Childs and Toolson relaxed and enjoying the pinnacle of the season. Pope is going to miss those guys.

That’s all for now, but for this: My immediate family and I had a very fun, spiritual Easter weekend at home with our cocker spaniel, Cooper. I hope you had a fulfilling Easter, too. Have a great week and stay safe.

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