Jimmer Fredette has had an exciting few weeks.

To top it off, Fredette announced the birth of his second child Friday.

On March 21, the former BYU basketball star signed a contract through the end of the season with the Phoenix Suns. That night he played in his first NBA game since 2016.

He played Salt Lake City Monday as the Utah Jazz took on the Suns and received quite a bit of encouragement from the crowd.

The Suns then played the Wizards Wednesday night.

Between games, however, Fredette’s wife Whitney, a former BYU cheerleader, gave birth to the couple’s second child — a boy name Taft. He joins their 2-year-old daughter Wesley.

“The newest addition to our family Taft Russell Fredette!” Fredette announced on Instagram. “Couldn’t be more excited today! Whitney and Taft are both doing great. And Wesley loves him already! What an amazing blessing it is."