The BYU football team completed its 15 spring camp practices on Friday, so did the Cougar offense or defense get the upper hand?

Well, the answer kind of depends on who you ask.

“Of course I’m going to have to say the offense,” BYU sophomore quarterback Baylor Romney said during Friday’s teleconference. “The defense is doing some really good stuff with a lot of good coaching and a lot of good players on that side of the ball. I would tell you that it is back and forth but I feel that we got the best of them more than they got the best of us.”

Cougar sophomore linebacker Max Tooley wouldn’t necessarily agree.

“I think it just depended on the day,” Tooley said. “One day the offense would come out and maybe put a little work on us. The next day we would get after them. Even throughout the day, we’d win a certain period of drill, and then the offense would maybe take over the next drill. It’s always competitive, especially in these camps, with the offense and defense always going at it. It’s when you earn your spot so everyone is trying. I think it’s pretty evenly matched though. There was never really a day where one side really dominated.”

BYU offensive coordinator Aaron Roderick said Tooley’s assessment was more accurate — and that’s a good thing.

“I think our defense is pretty good,” Roderick said. “We had some days where we got the better of them and some days they got the better of us. I think that’s how it should be in spring football. It’s not a good sign if one side of the ball just completely dominates. We did have a lot of good days though.”

The bottom line from the perspective of the Cougar coaching staff isn’t who “won” or who “lost” during spring camp; it’s that they want everyone to be getting better.

“We set our goals, we figured out ways to execute and every decision that we make has got to be deliberate,” Sitake said. “There’s a plan in place. We’re not just not just throwing things against the wall and hoping that it sticks.”

He said that was one of the reasons for not having a traditional spring game but instead finishing out with one final practice session.

“I know a lot of people want to see our team get out there and want to see them run around, but if we’re being honest it would have been really generic,” Sitake said. “We’re not going to show everything that we can do and that’s not just unique to us. Everyone isn’t pulling out all the stuff that they’re really good at or the stuff that they’re going to focus on in the fall in their spring game. When you do that, it almost feels like a wasted practice. I thought it was really important that we use the practice to get better as a program and as a team. I apologize to people who wanted to see us get out there and play but I think they’ll be thankful we did that when it gets to the fall.”

Overall Sitake said he feels good about what the players and coaches accomplished over the last month and that he believes it will set the team up to be successful when it counts.

“I thought we took advantage of all the 15 practices and really got a lot of good work in today,” Sitake said “We had some really good focus on our stuff yesterday and so I think this was a really good week for us. Now we are looking forward to taking the next step and making sure that we keep our leadership thriving and keep our team culture going in the offseason.”

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