The BYU football team was praised over the weekend for their last-minute win over Tennessee in Knoxville, but fans who attended the game are now getting praise.

The Knoxville Police Department shared a story Monday evening on Facebook from Captain Jeff Stiles, a 28-year Knoxville Police Department veteran.

“Something happened last night that hasn’t happened in the many years I’ve been working UT football games,” Stiles wrote. “When we finally got the ‘all clear’ from command and were dismissed from our field duty, we exited gate 7 (where the visiting team’s players exit) and as we’re approaching the enormous group of BYU fans that have packed outside the gate, they make a path and begin cheering for US! I must have given 100 high fives and heard ‘thank you for your service’ dozens of times. It was honestly a little odd at first. That’s not the treatment that my brothers and sisters get very often these days, but as much as I expected some foul comment about cops, nothing ever came. Just cheers, smiles, and gratitude.

“Thank you, BYU Football. I wasn’t necessarily a fan last night, but will be from now on.”

The department thanked BYU fans for their support.

“Even though we would have liked to see the Volunteers win on Saturday, we were delighted to meet so many polite and supportive BYU fans,” they wrote on Facebook. “Thanks for your support BYU; keeping all football fans safe in Knoxville is our pleasure!”

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