Tanner Toolson BYU Basketball 2

Union's Tanner Toolson drives past Olympia's Jackson Grant in a 4A State quarterfinal game on Thursday at the Tacoma Dome. Union won 69-56.

Here’s what’s going on inside Darnell’s Head, two months and counting without regular church meetings. We do what we can in our home but I really miss my church peeps.

Talk to me BYU organized Zoom calls for fans to interact with their favorite athletic teams last week. The women’s basketball call intrigued me because two transfers — Kayla Belles from Michigan State and Tegan Graham from Colgate — participated. I realized that these two girls have never even been on campus or actually met any of their teammates yet.

It’s a story that will be repeated with most collegiate sports around the country. Last year, BYU coach Mark Pope said repeatedly that he had the best locker room in America. It will be hard enough to replicate that without the seven seniors who graduated; what about when guys are just introducing themselves to each other at the first practice?

Team chemistry is going to be really, really important when college sports begin practicing again.

Get the hint

This morning our cocker spaniel, Cooper, jumped up on our bed with the lint brush stuck to his fur.

Yep, more than past time for a haircut for Cooper.

I wanna cover a game … now

I miss live sports more than I missed my first girlfriend at Ricks College when she didn’t come back for the second semester freshman year.

Sorry, Meeker.

Hearing that the state is going to be open to summer community sports, I’m thinking about covering a couple of rec center softball games.


My pal

After spending an hour going down the rabbit hole on YouTube — hey, it happens more and more as we go deeper into the quarantine — I wish I had a friend who laughed at the things I say like Bill Hader does on talk shows.

The former “Saturday Night Live” star is doing big things lately but he’s an absolute gem on the couch with Jimmy Fallon or Seth Meyers. He was in full fanboy mode touring the studios of “Dateline” when he got to meet the host, Keith Morrison. Hader did a pretty funny bit on SNL a few years ago where he impersonated Morrison. Look it up.

Master of the house

I have to brag a little: I cleaned my first lawn mower carburetor on Saturday. It entailed taking the carburetor apart at least four times. But I did it and the lawn mower works again.

I guess there are some benefits staying at home because of the coronavirus.

Give us a grade

I co-hosted “Cougar Sports” on ESPN 960 radio last Friday with Ben Criddle and we discussed BYU’s basketball recruiting class. He asked me to give it a grade.

That’s tough. Three of those in the Class of 2020 — Dallin Hall, Tanner Toolson and Richie Saunders — will serve missions and won’t return until 2022.

At this point, I think the Cougars have filled their needs pretty well. If they can get a good young point guard that can sit out a year and get trained, I might even raise it to an A-.

Here’s what I believe: Pope and his coaching staff have shown a real talent for developing players and getting them to fill whatever role is needed for the team to be successful. That’s a delicate balance. Everyone wants to play. Everyone wants to be the man and score the game-winning basket. But a true team includes 1 through 15 knowing their role and being willing to do whatever it takes.

Set it up

I, for one, will not be satisfied with BYU football playing an independent-only schedule — unless that includes at least one game at LaVell Edwards Stadium against Notre Dame. Time to make good on that scheduling promise, Fighting Irish.

That’s it for now, but for this: I read a story the other day about a man who fell through the ice in Minneapolis. He told rescuers that Google Maps told him to cross the frozen river.

Just a quick reminder to be smart and stay safe.

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