If you were near social media this past weekend you know exactly what the mannequin challenge is.

But for those that may have been outside enjoying the unusually warm weather, the mannequin challenge involves people holding a pose, like a mannequin, as a camera films the scene from every angle, sweeping in, out and around the subjects.

Many sports teams are participating in the challenge and have posted videos, but the best that we've seen online is from right here in Utah County.

The BYU gymnastics team posted their video to the team's Facebook page on Friday night, and as of Monday afternoon it had been watched a total of 2.4 million times.

What's impressive about the BYU video is that many of the girls on the team are holding poses on different apparatuses and not moving an inch.

ESPN commented on the video, and said, "Drop the mic, ladies. I really don't see how this can be topped."

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