You may have noticed that the Beat the Zuke contest was put on hold for a few days earlier in the week and I’m guessing it was a cyberattack.

If you are wondering why anyone would try and hack into the system the answer is simple.

Jealousy. I have a pretty good idea of who was behind this act of sabotage so I’ve compiled my list of top suspects.

Aces Anderson — While he was working the chain gang for American Fork last week, he let it slip out that he conveniently forgot to submit his picks before the game. I know he would have taken American Fork so he had ample motivation.

He did it, he did it!

Taylor Lyons (By the Seat of His Pants) — The former Timpanogos football star recently moved back to the area and told me he was having trouble signing up for the contest. He asked me some very detailed questions about the website. I thought that was strange at first but now it all makes sense.

He did it, he did it!

The DeGraffenreid brothers — Don’t be fooled by Jimmy and Phil’s innocent looking “who me?” appearance. They have been plotting my downfall since I decided to pursue my free agency and left our championship Whiffle Ball team to play with another one.

I’ve also noticed that they have plenty of free time because they’ve been hanging out on the golf course so they’ve had time to execute their devious plan.

They did it, they did it!

Don’t worry I’ll expose this hacker because I’m psychic after all. In the meantime, the contest is open and I’m ready for all challengers.

Now let’s get to this week’s winners.

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