Editor’s note: Since being part of a high school sports team isn’t just about competing in scheduled events, the Daily Herald is going behind the scenes and telling a little bit of the stories of our 2020 spring athletic squads here in Utah Valley. To do that, we are having team captains describe their teams, talk about favorite experiences and relate lessons learned.

As she has watched everyone deal with the academic and athletic challenges that have come with efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, Payson senior infielder and captain Sawyer Jarvis said she’s learned that you can’t give up.

“I’ve learned to work hard at everything I’m doing, give it my all,” Jarvis said. “It’s hard but you just get through things that way.”

It hasn’t been easy to do things in a new way as far as education goes as she has gone through the new school processes.

“It’s been difficult to make the shift,” Jarvis said. “I’ve been taking college classes, so trying to teach yourself everything online has been hard. It’s tough — but you learn.”

She said, though, that she’s seen her Lion teammates rally as they’ve tried to adjust to everything.

“Everyone has just taken what we’ve been given and worked with it,” Jarvis said. “We have just done the best we can this year.”

She explained that Payson was determined to build on past seasons and push themselves as a team in 2020.

“As a team we were determined to get better and go far this season,” Jarvis said in a phone interview earlier this month. “We knew we were guaranteed to get to state but we wanted to go far at state.”

Her favorite memory from this spring was getting to know all of the different personalities on the squad.

“Getting to know each and every one of the girls because they are all so different, that’s been really fun this year as a captain,” Jarvis said.

Payson head coach Brent Shurtliff said Jarvis has been a key leader for the Lions both on and off the field.

“Sawyer is a great captain,” Shurtliff said. “She works hard and the team looks up to her — and not just because she is 5-foot-10. She has played every position in the infield except catcher and has a great knowledge of the game. She communicates well with coaches and players. She is also a great student and places her education high on her list of priorities. I’m sorry she and the other seniors in the state have had to go through this but if they prioritize and keep working hard at the things they love, life will work out.”

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