Breeze Flight Attendant program

David Neeleman, president and founder of Breeze Airways, welcomes a new plane to the fleet. March 31, 2021. 

Utah County Commission approves 'extremely concerning' staff change (March 31)

Count me as shocked that all of the RINO politicians in Utah County are jumping on the bandwagon against actual conservatives like Lee and Sakievich. Keep in mind, County Clerk, Amelia Powers Gardner, was on Facebook defending the proposed 100% county property (later passed by commissioners Ainge and Ivie as a 67% increase). The voters overwhelmingly voted out Ivie for that act of RINO treachery.

I suspect Ainge mostly resigned because he doesn't want to face the issue in 2022. (In fact, I believe he had previously announced he wouldn't even run.) -- sgorch

Loved this article! I was very impressed with Mr. Richard's reporting! Keep up the good work, sir! -- Joey Jolley

Utah County residents need to remove this corruption and vote the entire commission out of office. This is what happens when one political party has sole political power year after year after year. -- TheKingsCourt

Partnership between Breeze Airways, UVU ready to take off (April 1)

Seems like Provo City could put some little larger signs pointing to the airport than the postage stamp size ones they use now. -- What in Tucket Google

Congratulations to UVU and Breeze Airways! This will be an opportunity for our citizens to receive great training, hands-on experience and a great future.

This is a great reminder that goes back 70+ years of the unique mission that UVU has married together, learning and real - world training, working together for student success. -- The Professor

Kaufusi celebrates Provo's 172nd birthday with a comprehensive look forward (April 1)

I'm glad that Provo is doing so well in general. I'd love to see it do even better. But I worry that there's a dark side of proliferating city code and central economic planning that isn't being addressed. We need to reverse such counterproductive trends or else we might end up like Detroit in several decades. Let's do it.

#FreeProvo -- David Edward Garber

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down (April 2)

Thumbs up to Delta CEO Ed Bastian, who said in response to the recently passed voter suppression laws in George: "...“[t]he entire rationale for this bill was based on a lie: that there was widespread voter fraud in Georgia in the 2020 elections. This is simply not true. Unfortunately, that excuse is being used in states across the nation that are attempting to pass similar legislation to restrict voting rights.”

Christopher Krebs, the former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in the United States Department of Homeland Security, was fired by Trump after he said the 2020 election was “the most secure in American history”. Trump’s attorney general William Barr said that the Justice Department had found no evidence of widespread voter fraud that would have changed the outcome of the election. And judges across the country dismissed more than 60 lawsuits alleging voter fraud for lack of evidence.

Last week, Trump lawyer Sidney Powell claimed in a court filing that “no reasonable person” would believe that her lies about election fraud “were truly statements of fact.”

And yet, rather than admitting that Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 election fairly, Republicans are claiming that they must relieve supporters’ concerns about the stolen election—a myth they, themselves, have created—by passing legislation that will suppress Democratic votes. -- ADP

What in the law suppressed any voters? -- What in Tucket Google

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