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Catalytic converter thefts hit low-income car owners the hardest

Utah lawmakers are considering a crackdown on catalytic converter theft, in which criminals saw the emission control devices from cars and sell the precious metals found inside to a booming worldwide black market. Rep. Ryan Wilcox, a Republican who represents House District 7, covering North Ogden, Pleasant View and part of Ogden, is sponsoring a bill to create a statewide database of catalytic converter sales. "We want to force the (illegal) sales out of the legitimate areas, to lock down the legitimate ways to dispose of them," Wilcox said. The usual proper channel is through metal ...





Miss Manners: He slices English muffins? Fetch the smelling salts

DEAR MISS MANNERS: For the past 25 years, my loving but stubborn significant other and I have engaged in an ongoing argument over slicing, not fork-splitting, English muffins. Unfortunately, the first time I saw him slice apart a muffin, I reacted in horror, having never seen anyone do this ...