The CHOM Burger - CHOM Burger

The CHOM Burger, at CHOM Burger in Provo.

Location: Provo

Price: $5.75

CHOM Burger has more imaginative burgers than this titular offering, but I’m sticking to the basics here. The CHOM, while pretty standard in most respects, has some nice flourishes. This is more of a fast food-type burger — thin beef patty, standard fixings, etc. — so it’s all about the execution. And they execute it quite well. Thin patties tend to get overcooked, and CHOM avoids that mistake here. Of particular note was the CHOM’s toasted potato bun: light and fluffy but not flimsy, keeping all the fixings contained. Nothing really jumps out at you with this burger, but I think that’s kind of the point. Overall, a harmonious and pleasant burger.

Score: 7/10