Cheers for living in Utah, as the outdoor adventure spots feel nearly limitless. For an ATV adventure, discover Five Mile Pass, if you haven't already. The immense amount of trail options, the diversity in terrain, and the scenic views makes this a perfect spot for four-wheeling and motorcycling. The area is west of Lehi on the old Pony Express Trail, and it is certainly not limited in trails. There isn't a particular spot or trail I can suggest for you, as this is really a choose-your-own-adventure sort of location. None of the trails are marked, some connect, some lead to dead ends, while others stretch on for miles. Pump up your adrenaline and get a feel for speed on these long stretches. Challenge your driving expertise on the rocky up-and-down terrain; just be sure when driving fast to watch for big dips in the roads; there are many of them and at high speeds they can be dangerous!

Speaking of adrenaline… some can't seem to get enough of it! Head over to the jumps where young kids practice bike jumps on motorcycles. It is something I particularly would never try (I seem to be attached to my un-cracked head), but it was fun to watch them demonstrate their talent.

Five Mile Pass is certainly no secret to other sportsmen. Keep in mind that on a beautiful weekend afternoon, many others will also be out to enjoy their "toys" as well. Be courteous and safe. Watch for other drivers, let people pass you if they are driving faster, and pull to the side and drive slow when crossing paths with another driver. This may seem simple, but ATV accidents do happen. For safety precautions, wear a helmet, avoid riding two per ATV, and be aware and accepting of your skills and stick to trails where you feel comfortable.

Because there are so many paths to choose from, it is very easy to find a distant road for seclusion. After traveling for about 20 minutes on a road, I could not see another soul or building in sight. I was surrounded by the vast wilderness. Rolling hills, some open fields, and distant mountains. I traveled up a prominent mount and began to feel like I just landed on a different planet. The wind blew, and remnants of old brick sheds littered the ground as a visible signs of previous life.

Weighty rain clouds loomed over the seemingly infinite array of bone-dry sagebrush and yellowed tumbleweeds. While just outside the valley, Five Mile Pass is a great place to find seclusion, scenic views and great adventure.

Getting there:

Take the Lehi Main Street exit off I-15. Head west through Lehi. At the intersection of Redwood Road, set your odometer and continue straight on SR-73. At 19.2 miles you'll see dirt parking areas on both sides of the road. Turn left. The broad dirt toad heading southwest is the beginning of the trails.

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