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Bad shooting, butthead

By Randy Wright - | Jan 22, 2013

I have defended gun owners vigorously in the past, but this is too much. It appears that Bradley Steven Nelson, 41, of Spanish Fork was annoyed that another vehicle was on his road. I don’t blame him, of course. As everybody knows, roads are made for the exclusive use of Bradley Steven Nelson.

Understandably offended that another driver was brazenly on his private road, Nelson got ahead of the other vehicle and then stopped, according to a police statement. He told his wife, “I’m going to end this.” He then jumped out and pointed a .40 caliber handgun at the driver of the other car. The offending driver did his best to defend himself with his own deadly weapon — his vehicle. He struck Nelson and Nelson fired six shots.

Now this is really embarrassing: Only two of Nelson’s shots hit the car, one in the passenger door and one in the rear. He obviously has no business owning a gun.

If all this turns out to be as reported by police, I’d say Nelson’s incompetence with his gun is surpassed only by his bullheadedness. Even if the other driver provoked him, it’s no cause for drawing a pistol. A civilized person could have just taken another road or slowed down to let the other vehicle go on its way.

This incident might have ended ugly — with someone dead. Nelson is lucky he doesn’t have tire tracks up his backside. Seems to me the other driver was acting in lawful self-defense. So thanks a lot, Mr. Nelson. What am I going to tell Obama now?


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