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Utah Women & Leadership Project releases report on sexual harassment

When allegations came to light earlier this month against Utah Sen. Gene Davis, D-Salt Lake City, the spotlight turned to sexual harassment in the workplace. Those allegations have brought impetus to the Utah Women & Leadership Project releasing a new paper titled “Addressing Workplace Sexual Harassment: Public Policy Solutions for Utah.” This report is meant to educate readers, and help them understand and solve the issue of workplace sexual harassment. Susan Madsen, director of UWLP, and her team at Utah State University have garnered information on how Utah can do better ...


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Sanpete County

Chocolate anxiety

I know we’ve all been dealing with shortages and “supply chain issues.” Our loss of “normal life” has been frustrating as we deal with all the problems that seem to go on and on like a row of falling dominoes. We all seemed to live through the toilet paper shortage crisis. That ...

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Feldkamp: Teachers used to get apples; now, they get grief

An apple has long been a symbol of education; think of the familiar tradition of children bringing apples to their teachers. According to Smithsonian magazine, families in the frontier days were often responsible for housing and feeding frontier teachers, and supposedly during the Great ...

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