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Program helps train certified nursing assistants amid pandemic shortage

Finding health care workers quickly during the pandemic became a pressing need, so Ogden Regional Medical Center started a hire-and-train program for new certified nursing assistants. “COVID created an undesirable circumstance where a lot of health care workers left to take other job opportunities,” said David Perkins, chief nursing officer at Ogden Regional. “A lot of people found it to be unsettling and they left the market to take on other jobs that had more of a known direction or outcome.” The five-week program, entitled StarTech, includes three weeks in the classroom and ...







Horoscopes for Thursday, Oct. 7

Happy Birthday: Set high goals, and stretch your imagination to include things you have only dreamed about doing. You will find a way to far exceed your expectations. Plunge into the unknown, gather information and pour your energy into doing the extraordinary and mastering skills that will ...